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How to Complete “Your Challenge Awaits” Event in Apex Legends Mobile

Abhimannu Das
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The ongoing event in Apex Legends Mobile offers a number of cosmetics including an Epic Caustic skin.
Players need to win games, get kills and reach Platinum I to receive all items from the event.
The event will end on 6th September so players should finish their ranked grind as soon as possible to get the Caustic skin.

Apex Legends Mobile Hyperbeat launched as a part of Season 2.5 and the biggest seasonal event from the new content update is ‘Your Challenge Awaits’ which is a Caustic-themed limited time event (LTE) that offers a host of new cosmetics. The event will be available during the 2.5 update and if you want to grab all of the rewards, you should start working on those Challenge Points.

Your Challenge Awaits Event in Apex Legends Mobile

There are seven challenges available as part of the event and you need to collect a total of 250 points to obtain all rewards. You need to complete all of the challenges in order to get the rewards and you can complete them only once. Listed ahead are the challenges:

  • Play 10 matches in Ranked Mode: 30 Challenge Points

  • Finish in the top 10 in 5 Ranked Mode matches: 30 Challenge Points

  • Win 5 Ranked Mode matches: 50 Challenge Points

  • Kill 10 enemies in Ranked Mode: 10 Challenge Points

  • Kill 20 enemies in Ranked Mode: 20 Challenge Points

  • Deal 2,000 damage in Ranked Mode: 30 Challenge Points

  • Reach Platinum I in the current Ranked season: 80 Challenge Points

You get different rewards as you keep collecting points and there are three items up for grabs as part of the event including an exclusive skin.

  • 50 Challenge Points: Tag It Up user avatar frame (Epic)

  • 120 Challenge Points: 2,000 Hyperbeat Coins (used to redeem rewards in the Hyperbeat Store)

  • 250 Challenge Points: Flames and Fumes Caustic legend skin (Rare)

The primary focus of the event should be to get to Platinum I as you will automatically complete the rest of the challenges during your ranked climb. While it can be daunting for players who do not spend as much time on the game, you can consider playing ranked with your friends or find other players to climb the ranked ladder together instead of doing it solo.

The event will end on 6th September and you only have a few more days to get to Platinum I. The rewards from the event are purely cosmetic and players should not force themselves to play ranked for the rewards if they are not having fun.

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