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Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.1 Update: All We Know So Far

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Honkai: Star Rail's version 1.1 is all set to bring in new characters, and bosses, among various other in-game content.
Here's all we know about the next update, including the tentative release date, the new characters, rumored boss and more

HoYoverse’s Honkai: Star Rail seems to be a massive hit in the role-playing game (RPG) community with the game already surpassing 20 Million downloads after its release on 26th April. Notably, the game is available for download on PC, iOS, and Android, and will receive its PlayStation release soon. Players are quickly unlocking new characters, finishing up missions, reaping rewards from chests, and progressing through the storyline. With so much to explore in the game, the player base is already excited about what is to come via new updates in the game. 

The next big update for the game version 1.1 is all set to bring in new characters, and bosses, among various other in-game content. Here’s all we know about Honkai: Star Rail’s Version 1.1 update.

(The information mentioned in the article is based on leaks in the community and should be taken with a pinch of salt)

When is Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.1 Releasing?

Notably, Honkai: Star Rail version 1.0 titled “The Rail Unto the Stars” went live on multiple platforms on 26th April at 10:00 (UTC +8). HoYoverse wrote, “Hello, Trailblazers! We look forward to welcoming you aboard the Astral Express!

The Honkai Star Rail version 1.1 update is expected to be released on 7th June. However, players must keep in mind that this tentative date is calculated based on the current banner durations in the game, which are 20 days per phase.

Notably, Seele’s banner concludes in 1.0 and Jing Yuan will make his appearance for an additional 20 days after that. This gives players ample time to save their Gacha currency to get their hands on the 1.1-character lineup. 

Since the official release time of Honkai: Star Rail 1.1 is not revealed yet, it is safe to assume that the update will go live most likely at the same time as the game’s release: 10:00 (UTC +8) on 7th June (tentatively).

Who are the characters for Honkai: Star Rail’s version 1.1?

According to leaks, the next two characters after Selee’s and Jing Yuang are as follows:

  • Luocha

  • Silver Wolf 

  • Yukong

Leaked Boss in Honkai: Star Rail

New Honkai: Star Rail leaks suggest that a new boss might get released in the next few months, with some speculating the boss to arrive in version 1.1. One Twitter user named HSR_stuff posted about the supposed new boss HuanLong from Xianzhou Luofo. HuanLong is supposedly from Xianzhou Luofu, one of the six Flagships owned by the Hexafleet of the Xianzhou Alliance.

The image of this leaked boss suggests that the character will have more than just one form. The leaked image showcased three different appearances of HuanLong represented in the colors green, purple, and orange.

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