Grab this Sniper Skin for Absolutely Free in COD: Mobile's New Seasonal Event


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Grab This Sniper Skin for Free in COD: Mobile's New Seasonal Event

Ahsan Kabir
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Epic Blueprint Awaits: Engage in multiplayer tasks for XPR-50's striking dolphin-themed skin.

Call of Duty: Mobile continues to enthrall its player base with thrilling seasonal events, and the latest addition, "Can't Stop the Signal," is no exception. This event introduces a captivating new epic blueprint skin for the XPR-50 sniper rifle, available as a free reward for players who complete straightforward tasks within the multiplayer mode. The eye-catching design showcases a vivid purple hue, adorned with a retro sunset-themed dolphin motif.

Unlocking the XPR-50 Epic Blueprint:

One of the main attractions of the "Can't Stop the Signal" event is the opportunity to acquire the brand-new epic blueprint for the XPR-50 sniper rifle. This remarkable skin is up for grabs at no cost, offering players an incentive to engage in multiplayer matches and complete specific tasks. The process of obtaining this stunning blueprint is refreshingly uncomplicated.

XPR-50 - Dolphins Wink in COD: MObile

XPR-50 - Dolphins Wink

Tasks and Rewards

The "Can't Stop the Signal" event presents players with a series of engaging challenges, each designed to test different aspects of their gameplay skills. By conquering these challenges, players not only enhance their in-game abilities but also unlock an array of appealing rewards. Here's a glimpse into the challenges and their corresponding rewards:

  1. Use Scorestreaks 3 Times in MP Matches - Get Credits x 200 and Battle Pass XP x1000

  2. Kill 5 Enemies with Hunter Killer Drone Scorestreak in MP Matches - Get [Shard] - The Stache and Battle Pass x2000

  3. Kill 15 Enemies While Equipped With Persistence in MP - S4 2023 Spurned and Burned and Battle Pass XP x2000

  4. Deploy the Care Package Scorestreaks 3 times in MP Matches - Katana - So Board and Battle Pass XP x4000

  5. Kill 3 Enemies with the Cluster Strike Scorestreak in MP Matches - Get Silver Crate Coupon and Battle Pass XP x4000

  6. Use Tac-Deploy Operator Skill 5 Times in MP Matches or Kill 15 Enemies with Scorestreaks in MP Matches - Get XPR-50 - Dolphins Wink and Battle Pass XP x5000

Navigating the Event: A Step-By-Step Guide

Accessing the "Can't Stop the Signal" event is a breeze, enhancing the convenience of diving into the action-packed challenges and rewards. To participate, follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Game: Start by opening the Call of Duty: Mobile game on your preferred device.

  2. Navigate to the Main Lobby: Once in the game, proceed to the main lobby to access various game modes and features.

  3. Explore the Event Section: Within the main lobby, locate and select the "Event" option to explore the available seasonal events.

  4. Choose the Seasonal Event: From the list of events, click on the "Seasonal" tab to discover the ongoing "Can't Stop the Signal" event.

  5. Claim Rewards: Engage in the event's challenges and tasks, earn rewards, and watch as your progress unfolds, bringing you closer to obtaining the coveted XPR-50 epic blueprint.

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