Get 50% Discount On Groza Beatz Banger Incubator In Garena Free Fire MAX


Garena Free Fire MAX Groza Beatz Banger Incubator: How to Get Skins at 50% Discount Today

Get your Groza Beatz Banger Incubator skin at a heavy discount today!

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A special 50% discount is currently going on for the Groza Beatz Banger Incubator in Garena Free Fire MAX.
This special discount is only available for today, a single spin costing 20 diamonds and a pack of five spins costing 90 diamonds.
Through these spins, players will earn rewards that can be further exchanged to obtain skins like Groza Thunder Electrified, Groza Airburst Entranced, Groza Flames Enchanted, and Groza Jewel Mystified.

Garena has just slashed the price of the Groza Beatz Banger Incubator in Free Fire MAX by half for a very limited time. Yes, you heard that right survivors!

The developers are offering a special 50% discount on all skins that are a part of this incubator, which has a great collection of some rare cosmetic items that are highly-desired within the game, including bundles and weapon skins.

Usually, receiving cosmetics and items that are a part of collections such as Groza Beatz Banger Incubator can get pretty expensive, as they are dependent on both luck and a massive number of diamonds (premium Garena Free Fire MAX currency). Hence, players are always on the lookout for special discounts like this to get their hands on some attractive items.

at reduced rates.50% discount on Groza Beatz Banger Incubator in Garena Free Fire MAX

Incubators in Garena Free Fire MAX tend to be quite heavy on a player's wallet, which is why special discounts like the 50% off on the Groza Beatz Banger Incubator are always in high demand within the mobile gaming community.

This current offer is valid only for a single day, available on 3rd March 2022. As part of this discount, it will cost players 20 diamonds for a single spin and 90 diamonds for a pack of five spins.

It would be beneficial for players to buy a five spin pack as there are no direct rewards in the Groza Beatz Banger Incubator. Instead, players will be collecting various Blueprints and Evolution Stones from these spins.

Groza Beatz Banger Incubator - All Rewards

Free Fire

Here is a complete list of rewards that are part of this incubator,

  1. Blueprint: BEATz Bangers

  2. Copper Prodigies Badge

  3. 100x Memory Fragments (Nairi)

  4. 1x Pet Food

  5. Digital Invasion Weapon Loot Crate

  6. Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate

  7. Flaming Wolf Weapon Loot Crate

  8. Red Samurai Weapon Loot Crate

  9. Lucky Shirt Loot Crate

  10. Lucky Pants Crate

  11. Evolution Stone

  12. Bonfire

Using these collected materials, players can go ahead and exchange them to earn the following prizes:

  • Groza Thunder Electrified - Exchange 3 Blueprint: Beatz Bangers and 7 Evolution Stone

  • Groza Airburst Entranced - Exchange 2 Blueprint: Beatz Bangers and 5 Evolution Stone

  • Groza Flames Enchanted - Exchange 2 Blueprint: Beatz Bangers and 4 Evolution Stone

  • Groza Jewel Mystified - Exchange 1 Blueprint: Beatz Bangers and 3 Evolution Stone

Garena Free Fire MAX - Exchange section of the Incubator

Free Fire

How to access the Incubator in Garena Free Fire MAX and get skins at 50% discount

Free Fire MAX players can access the Groza Beatz Banger Incubator at 50% discount by following these three simple steps,

  • Step 1: Interested players should go to the 'Luck Royale' section after opening Free Fire MAX and then select the 'Incubator' section from the multiple tabs available on the lefthand side.

  • Step 2: Within the 'Incubator' sector players will see the discounted spin price to attain the various rewards. They can go ahead and spin as desired.

  • Step 3: After attaining the rewards from the Incubator, players can go ahead and exchange them to obtain various 'Groza' weapon skins by simply clicking on the 'Exchange' icon in the center.

Before going Free Fire MAX players should keep in mind that they will not be receiving any cosmetics or skins directly from the incubator, and that the special 50% discount on the Groza Beatz Banger Incubator is only available today.

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