Best Character Combos To Use In Free Fire For Rush Gameplay


Garena Free Fire: Best Character Combos to Use for Rush Gameplay in March 2022

Here are some character combinations that can help you play more aggressively.

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Rush based gameplay is one of the most common yet an extremely difficult aspect to master in Garena Free Fire.
While mechanical skills and game sense are essential to pull off a good rush gameplay, certain character combinations help to further enhance it.
Here are some of the best character combos to tryout for rush gameplay this month.

Garena constantly pumps out a lot of game-related content along with ample gameplay changes for Free Fire. To keep up with this players have to adapt quickly and incorporate new things in order to enhance their playing style.

The usage of character combinations is one of the latest tactics to have surfaced in Free Fire that players have started using to their advantage. It has quickly risen in popularity with squads and individuals using it to refine their rush focussed gameplay.

Though raw mechanical skills and good game sense are essential when it comes to being a successful aggressive player in Free Fire, using the perfect combination of characters adds on to these skillsets while providing an array of other benefits.

Here are some interesting and simple combos that one can try out either with a proper squad or even when playing individually by suggesting others what to pick.

Best character combinations in Garena Free Fire for rush gameplay in March 2022

Rush based gameplay is among the most common playstyles that one can witness in Garena Free Fire. It is something that is easy to pick up and does not demand a lot from the players in terms of experience, yet it is one of the game styles that is the hardest to master.

Here are a few character combinations in Free Fire that can help you elivate the level of your rush based gameplay.

4) Xayne + Jai + Luqueta + Shirou

These four Free Fire characters come together to provide a great boost to the squad's total health, while also giving them some extra bullets to fire and the ability to tag the enemy with every shot.

Xayne - Xtreme Encounter

With this ability, the player's health is increased by 80 points that decays over time. She also increases the damage given to gloo walls and shields by 80%, but this has to be used with good timing as it only works for 15 seconds with a 150 second cooldown.

Free Fire Character - Xayne

Jai -Raging Reload

Every time Jai knocks down an enemy his gun's magazine will automatically be reloaded by 30% of its maximum capacity. However, the skill is limited to the following classes of weapons - AR, Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, all of which are great for rush based gameplay.

Free Fire Character - Jai

Luqueta - Hat Trick

The straightforward ability helps Luqueta raise the maximum health by 10 points per kill to a maximum of 50 HP.

Free Fire Character - Luqueta

Shirou - Damage Delivered

With this ability Shirou provides his squad the ability to tag the enemy players within an 80 meter radius for six seconds, tracking their position and gaining some extra information. With a cooldown of just 25 seconds, this is a great ability when exchanging fire with another squad as it also provides a 50% higher armour penetration for the initial shot.

Free Fire Character - Shirou

3) Chrono+Kelly+Moco+Dasha

Chrono - Time Turner

One of the best abilities to use in the heat of the battle. With this ability, players can create a force field around themselves which can absorb up to 600 incoming damage, great for distracting enemy fire towards themselves while others on his team can execute a successful flank.

Free Fire Character - Chrono

Kelly - Dash

This ability is great for a squad that loves to hard rush during every skirmish. The ability helps the player run faster by increasing the movement speed by up to 6%, helping them run around as a scout or move comfortably around the battlefield.

Free Fire Character - Kelly

Moco - Hacker's Eye

The character is great at pumping out information about enemy positions, but the trade-off is that in order to achieve this they have to take some hits which is a risky tactic. This is because information about only those enemy players will be revealed that have done some damage to Moco.

Free Fire Character - Moco

Dasha - Partying On

Finally to avoid fall damage (reduced by 30%), recovery after falling from a considerable height (reduced by 60%), and in order to reduce recoil (reduced by 6%) Dasha is the perfect character to fight alongside and complete this squad.

Free Fire Character - Dasha

2) Alok+Jota+Maxim+Joseph

Alok - Drop the Beat

One of the most used characters in Free Fire, it provides an aura that improves movement speed and aids in recovery with his ability. The movement speed is increased by 10% while the health is restored at the rate of 5HP every second for up to five seconds.

Free Fire Character - Alok

Jota - Sustained Raids

Jota also helps in health recovery by recovering 10% HP for knocking down an enemy, something which is extremely important when adopting a rush gameplay that has a lot of mid to close-range combat.

Free Fire Character - Jota

Maxim - Gluttony

Even this character has a skillset which helps in health recovery by reducing the time taken to apply med kits and eat mushrooms. A 25% reduction time can be achieved when the player level is maxed out.

Free Fire Character - Maxim

Joseph - Nutty Movement

With a lot of heal based abilities, Joseph provides fast jumping and sprinting speed, increasing both by up to 10 %. Giving this player a lot of freedom to run around and pick fights, while always having a chance to recovery health.

Free Fire Character - Joseph

1) K + Miguel + Jota + Alvaro

K - Master of All

The Master of All ability increases the EP (Ethical Power) by 50 and has two modes of operation - Jui Jitsu and Psychology. The first improves the EP conversion rate by 500% while the latter recovers three EP every 2.2 seconds up to a maximum of 150 EP.

Free Fire Character - K

Miguel - Crazy Slayer

Every frag will result in Miguel recovering 30 EP which can be turned into HP using K's ability described above.

Free Fire Character - Miguel

Jota - Sustained Raids

Jota helps in health recovery by recovering 10% HP for knocking down an enemy, something which is extremely important when adopting a rush gameplay that has a lot of mid to close-range combat.

Free Fire Character - Jota

Alvaro - Art of Demolition

In rush based gameplay players often run in predictable ways, you can take advantage of this by hitting them with various utilities available in the game. With Alvaro the damage dealt by these will be amplified by up to 10% while their damage range will also increase by 7%.

Free Fire Character - Alvaro

These are the four Free Fire character combinations that can help improve your rush gameplay. However, before jumping into a game with any of these selections do keep in mind that success is not 100% guaranteed because most of it still depends on a player's individual skill and how they end up using the character.

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