Five Best Characters For Clash Squad In Free Fire Max


Garena Free Fire Max: Five Best Characters for Clash Squad in March 2022

Here are some characters that can improve your chances of winning in clash squad.

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Clash Squad is a game mode in Free Fire MAX that takes place in a small area with limited weaponry and no second chances.
This game mode makes for some intense Free Fire MAX action which is both ruthless and fun, requiring a balanced approach from a squad if they aim to win.
Here are some great Free Fire MAX characters that players can choose to play with to increase their chances of winning in clash squad.

Garena always likes to come up with something new and exciting for all its Free Fire MAX players. One such fun format that the developers has come up with is the 'Clash Squad' game mode which is a perfect blend of quick intense action and buck loads of enjoyment.

In this unique Free Fire MAX game mode, players go head-on against opponents in small areas with very limited weaponry and only a single chance at survival. This makes clash squad a high stakes game mode where survivors get no second chances, so their gameplay has to be balanced on all fronts.

Depending on the overall game style, players need to select a Free Fire MAX character that helps them cover all their bases. Here are five such characters that are an excellent choice for winning in clash squad game mode.

Five best Free Fire MAX characters for Clash Squad game mode

While maintaining a healthy balance between brains and brawn is important in clash squad, the key to attaining victory in this game mode is the correct selection of Free Fire MAX characters.

Here are five suggestions that are an overall good pick for all types of Free Fire MAX players, ensuring that they win most of their clash squad games without cutting any corners.

5) K - Master of All

K is a self sufficient hero who can heal both himself and his squad. The Free Fire MAX character has an active ability called 'Master of All' which can be used in two different modes, Jiu-Jitsu Mode and Psychology Mode.

  • In Jiu-Jitsu Mode, all the allies within a 6 meter radius receive a 500% increase in their EP (Ethical Power) conversion rate.

  • In Psychology Mode, K can restore 2 EP every 3 seconds up to a total of 250 EP.

When it comes to switching between the two abilities, a cooldown of 3 seconds is applied every time a player makes the switch.

Free Fire MAX Character - K

Free Fire MAX Character - K

4) Skyler - Riptide Rhythm

Equipped with an active ability that can disrupt the positioning of the enemy team and push them out of cover effectively, Skyler is a Free Fire MAX character who can turn the tide of a fight by using the ability 'Riptide Rhythm' right in the middle of an ongoing fight.

This ability unleashes a sonic wave that can damage five gloo walls within a radius of 50 meters in its initial level, and also, every gloo wall deployed will further result in HP regeneration beginning with a rate of four points.

Free Fire MAX Character - Skyler

Free Fire MAX Character - Skyler

3) Jota - Sustained Raids

For all those that like to hunt alone and are not too dependent on their squad can opt for this Free Fire MAX character. Jota's ability 'Sustained Raids' has a lifesteal mechanic as he recovers some HP (Health Points) every time an opponent is shot. If the enemy is knocked down or eliminated, Jota recovers about 20% of his HP.

This is a great ability for those that like to constantly pick fights and rely on persistent aggression to come out on top. As the player can get healed consistently while engaging in a fight, the time to apply medkits is saved and they can constantly be on the hunt to catch players offguard.

Free Fire MAX Character - Jota

Free Fire MAX Character - Jota

2) DJ Alok - Drop the Beat

One of the most popular Free Fire MAX characters, DJ Alok gives a lot of tactical and strategic bonuses to the entire squad which automatically makes him a great pick for those players that like to move in packs and play as a unit.

His ability 'Drop the Beat' heals all allies at a rate of 5 HP per second while also providing them with 15% increased move speed for 10 seconds. A great ability to use when rushing into a fight, to reposition during a fight, or for quickly moving to a safe location after a fight.

The low 45-second cooldown of the ability is extremely beneficial in the fast-paced clash squad game mode. If it is perfectly timed, players have a good chance of using the ability twice in a single game.

Free Fire MAX Character - DJ Alok

Free Fire MAX Character - DJ Alok

1) Dimitri - Healing Heartbeat

This Free Fire MAX character is a sound technical engineer who absolutely loves action movies and has a powerful active ability called ‘Healing Heartbeat‘. At its base level this ability creates an aura of 3.5 meters around the player which acts as a healing zone for the entire squad, helping them recover at a rate of 3 HP per second.

Though the ability has a very high cooldown of 85 seconds, the reason it is justified is because even after Dimitri is downed all its allies can self-recover with the effects lasting for up to 10 seconds.

This is great in a fast paced game mode like clash squad because when the squads are running you down, an advantage like this for even 10 seconds can turn things around drastically.

Free Fire MAX Character - Dimitri

Free Fire MAX Character - Dimitri

These are the five Free Fire MAX characters that can help improve your chances of winning in the clash squad game mode. However, before jumping into a game with any of these selections do keep in mind that success is not 100% guaranteed because most of it still depends on a player's individual skill and how they end up using the character.

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