Free Fire Holi Ring Event: How to Get Holi de Rang Bundle & M828 Prismatic Blaze


Free Fire Holi Ring Event: How to Get Holi de Rang Bundle & M828 Prismatic Blaze

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The Holi Ring Event runs from 22 March to 6 April, offering a generous two-week window for participation and rewards.
The Holi Ring Event offers three bundles including Holi de Rang Bundle, Corrupted Vein Bundle, and Bionic Vagabond Bundle.
Enjoy discounted spins during the Holi Ring Event in Free Fire, with the first spin offered at a tempting 50% off.

The Free Fire Indian server has rolled out an exciting Holi celebration event for players. The all-new Holi Ring Event allows spinning for premium cosmetic rewards using Universal Ring tokens.

This presents a golden opportunity for those who have stockpiled these tokens. In this article, we will take a look at the reward pool, event mechanics, and how you can make obtain these rewards.

Free Fire Holi Ring Event Featured Bundles: Holi de Rang, Corrupted Vein, More

The event features an array of coveted items that are up for grabs, including the striking Holi de Rang bundle, the enigmatic Corrupted Vein bundle, and the futuristic Bionic Vagabond bundle.

Obtaining these premium bundles will require spending diamonds, which is the in-game currency.

Holi Ring Event Duration

The Holi Ring event commenced on 22nd March and will remain open until 6th April, spanning a generous two-week period.

Diamond Spin Cost for Premium Rewards

Players can participate by paying 20 diamonds for a single spin or opt for an 11-spin bundle at a discounted rate of 200 diamonds. However, an enticing 50% discount is offered on the first spin, making the 11-spin option even more alluring at a mere 100 diamonds.

Holi Ring Event: All Prizes

While the bundles are the main attractions, the event's prize pool extends beyond them, offering an array of additional rewards.

  • Holi de Rang bundle

  • Corrupted Vein bundle

  • Bionic Vagabond bundle

  • M828-Prismatic Blaze

  • Pan-Technojoy

  • Rider Facepaint

  • Loot box techno Joy

  • Techno chopper Parang

  • Universal ring tokens

Holi de Rang bundle in Free Fire

Holi de Rang bundle

Exchange System: Trading Universal Ring Tokens

For those who fail to secure their desired items through the luck-based spinning mechanism, an exchange system is available, allowing players to trade their accumulated Universal Ring tokens for specific rewards.

The exchange rates vary, with the premium bundles costing 200 tokens, the 'M828-Prismatic Blaze' and 'Corrupted Vein' bundle priced at 175 tokens, and various other cosmetic items ranging from 50 to 30 tokens.

Accessing the Event: Step-by-step Guide

  1. Open the Free Fire application on your device.

  2. Navigate to the 'Luck Royale' section within the app.

  3. Look for the ongoing Holi Ring event among the available options.

  4. Select the 'Holi Ring' event to enter.

  5. Explore the event interface to understand the rewards and participation mechanics.

  6. Engage in the event by spinning for premium cosmetic rewards using Universal Ring tokens.

This celebration offers a unique opportunity for players to acquire highly sought-after cosmetic items while immersing themselves in the vibrant spirit of Holi.

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