Free Fire Holi Emote Royale Event: How to Get Bura na Mano Emote & Other Rewards

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Free Fire Holi Emote Royale Event: How To Get Bura na Mano Emote &amp; Other Rewards</p></div>
Free Fire Holi Emote Royale Event: How To Get Bura na Mano Emote &amp; Other Rewards


Free Fire Holi Emote Royale Event celebrates Holi with exclusive emotes like 'Bura na Mano' and 'Techno Blast'.
Spin for rewards using diamonds, with a diverse prize pool including emotes, backpacks, grenades, and more.
The event runs from 24 March 2024, for two weeks, inviting players to immerse in Holi festivities within Free Fire.

Free Fire, the popular battle royale game, has launched an exciting event to commemorate the vibrant festival of Holi. The Emote Royale Event, available on the Indian server, offers players a chance to acquire exclusive emotes and items inspired by the joyous celebration of colors.

The Emote Royale event commenced on 24th March 2024, Sunday and will remain active for two weeks, providing ample opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the festive spirit and add a brilliant touch to their Free Fire experience.

How to Get 'Bura na Mano' and 'Techno Blast' Emotes in Free Fire Holi Emote Royale Event

The highlight of this event is the highly anticipated 'Bura na Mano' emote, a lively and entertaining addition to the game. Alongside this coveted emote, players can also obtain the 'Techno Blast' emote, which promises to add a touch of techno-fueled energy to their in-game celebrations.

Participation and Costs: Spending Diamonds for Spins

To participate in the Emote Royale event, players must spend diamonds, the in-game currency, to spin for rewards.

Each spin costs 20 diamonds, while a bundle of 10+1 spins is available for 200 diamonds. The event's prize pool is brimming with a diverse array of items, including emotes, backpacks, grenades, vehicles, weapon loot crates, armor crates, and various other useful resources.

Holi Special Emote Royale Event page in Free Fire MAX

Holi Special Emote Royale Event page

Full Prize Pool of Holi Special Emote Royale Event

  • Bura na Mano

  • Techno blast

  • Impossible (bottom)

  • Gun and flames (top)

  • Promoted (shoes)

  • Gun and flames (top)

  • Earth elemental backpack

  • Pineapple fizz grenade

  • Auto rickshaw

  • Bunny egg loot box

  • Weapon

  • Futuristic weapon loot crate

  • Winterlands weapon loot crate

  • Star general weapon loot crate

  • SCAR phantom assassin weapon loot crate

  • Red samurai weapon loot crate

  • Private eye weapon loot crate

  • Deadly bat weapon loot crate

  • Digital invasion weapon loot crate

  • Armor crate

  • Supply crate

  • Leg pocket

  • Room card

  • Bonfire

  • Airdrop aid

  • Secret clue

  • Bounty token

How to Get the Rewards From New Holi Special Emote Royale

Players can embark on their quest for the Holi-themed rewards by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to the "Luck Royale" section within the game.

  2. Once there, they can utilize their diamonds to spin the wheel and potentially secure the coveted "Bura na Mano" emote or any of the other enticing prizes on offer.

As the festival of colors fills the air with joy and merriment, Free Fire invites its community to embrace the spirit of Holi and embark on an exciting journey to collect these exclusive rewards.

Get ready to shower your opponents with virtual colors and celebrate the occasion in true Free Fire style!

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