Free Fire Faded Wheel: Stomping Foot Emote Diamond Spin Cost & More


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Free Fire Faded Wheel: Stomping Foot Emote Diamond Spin Cost & More

Ahsan Kabir
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The new Stomping Foot emote is available now via the Faded Wheel event.
Land on the emote after making spins and removing 2 prizes.
You can guarantee it for yourself before 31st January.

Free Fire MAX has launched yet another Faded Wheel event, offering players a reliable way to obtain exclusive cosmetic rewards. Running from 23rd - 31st January, this wheel contains the brand new Stomping Foot emote as its highlight prize along with other desirable items.

All you Need to know about the Faded Wheel Event

As a popular recurring event, the Faded Wheel lets you guarantee the acquisition of particular items by removing two unwanted prizes from the wheel after making a fixed number of spins. This time around, the wheel contains 10 potential rewards, including the rare Stomping Foot emote which displays a dramatic leg stomp animation to taunt enemies.

The other highlighted grand prize is the Eeriness Backpack featuring a creepy eye design. Additional wheel rewards consist of various weapon loot crates, cube fragments, pet food, and more. As usual, no prize will repeat across your spins.

Spin cost to get the Stomping Foot emote

To obtain the Stomping Foot emote, players simply have to land on it after removing two undesired items from the wheel. The maximum diamond cost amounts to 1167 diamonds if all spins are made. The spin price order is: 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499 diamonds.

Here are the steps to try and get the Stomping Foot emote:

  1. Access the Luck Royale section in Free Fire MAX

  2. Select the new Faded Wheel and then remove the Armour Crate and Supply Crate items

  3. Begin making spins for 19 diamonds, with the price increasing for each spin

  4. Land on the Stomping Foot after acquiring 6 other prizes to obtain the emote

As one of the first emotes of 2024, the Stomping Foot is sure to become popular for expressing frustration or taunting fallen foes. Thanks to the Faded Wheel system, dedicated players can guarantee getting it alongside other rewards like the Eeriness Backpack before 31st January.

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