Free Fire’s New Faded Wheel Adds Achiever Steps Animation and more


Free Fire’s

Free Fire’s New Faded Wheel Adds Achiever Steps Animation and more

Ahsan Kabir
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New Faded Wheel event in Free Fire MAX offers exclusive Achiever Steps arrival animation.
Players can remove 2 unwanted prizes before spinning the wheel.
Estimated 1,082 diamonds needed to obtain the stylish Achiever Steps animation.

Garena Free Fire has introduced an exciting new Faded Wheel event in its MAX version today, much to the delight of players. The highlight of this event is the grand prize - an exclusive 'Achiever Steps' arrival animation containing visually appealing effects.

In addition to this coveted item, the Faded Wheel also contains other enticing goodies like a backpack skin, Skyboard skin, weapon loot crates, and more. However, since it's a Faded Wheel event, players will need to spend their precious Free Fire diamonds in order to participate and try their luck.

New Faded Wheel Event Details in Free Fire

Launched on January 19th, 2024, the Achiever Steps Faded Wheel event will be live until October 30th, 2023 in the Indian server. During this period, players stand a chance to get their hands on the stylish Achiever Steps arrival animation and decorate their lobby in style.

Rewards in Free Fire’s New Faded Wheel Event

As with all Faded Wheel events, there are a total of 10 rewards up for grabs. However, players have the option to remove 2 unwanted items before proceeding to spin the wheel. This ensures that the probability of getting the grand prize is higher. The complete list of rewards is as follows:

  • Achiever Steps arrival animation

  • Feather Smasher

  • 2x Cube Fragments

  • Frenzy Bunny Weapon Loot Crate

  • Space Monster backpack

  • Shadow Rouge Weapon Loot Crate

  • Soul Crusher Skyboard

  • 3x Pet Food

  • Supply Crate

  • Armor Crate

Spins & Diamond Cost

The cost of spins increases progressively with every subsequent attempt. However, rewards are guaranteed and there will be no repeats. The estimated diamond expenditure to obtain the Achiever Steps animation is 1,082 diamonds.

How to participate?

  1. Open Free Fire MAX and access the Luck Royale section

  2. Select the Achiever Steps Faded Wheel event

  3. Remove the two least desired items (Armor & Supply Crates recommended)

  4. Spend diamonds to spin the wheel and win the exclusive arrival animation along with other fabulous loot.

With new content and events being added frequently, Garena leaves no stone unturned to keep Free Fire players engaged and entertained. The Achiever Steps Faded Wheel is the latest example of this unwavering effort.

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