Free Fire Down: Login issues for the game have left players unable to play the game.


Free Fire Down: Garena Network Connection Error Solutions

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Many Free Fire players have reported facing login issues after starting the game.
Here are some possible solutions to the issue.

Free Fire’s latest 97 MB update caused several players to encounter connection errors after booting the game. Many players reported not being able to login to the game. In case you encounter this error, restarting your network connection (Wi-Fi or mobile data) and phone is one of the best ways to solve the issue. If this doesn’t fix the issue, you can try some of these solutions or check if Garena Free Fire servers are down. If nothing works and you still cannot login to the game, you can submit a request to Garena and they will help you resolve the issue.

Free Fire Down: Some possible solutions

If your game fails to login, restarting your game and phone are a good way to start. Also try restarting your mobile data connection or Wi-Fi router. Check Free Fire’s Facebook and Instagram pages to see if there is any maintenance scheduled.

  • If you’re using a Wi-Fi router make sure your bandwidth is not being shared by other users.

  • If you’re using mobile data, make sure your signal is strong and is using the correct mobile communications standard when on mobile data (4G or LTE).

  • If possible, try switching from WIFI to data or vice versa and check which connection is better.

  • Close other background apps before launching Free Fire.

  • If none of these solutions work, you can submit a request to Garena and they will help you resolve the issue.

1. Click here to access the Garena Customer Service website and sign in through any of the given methods.

Login using any of the options given.

2. Once you are logged in, the main page will be shown. Tap on the arrow next to your Nickname and choose the ‘Submit a request’ option from the dropdown menu.

Click on the drop down next to your name to submit a request.

3. Choose your game client version.

Select your region.

4. Your Free Fire account UID and in-game Nickname are pre-filled, you cannot change the data in these fields.

5. Choose the type of request from the dropdown list:

Select 'Game Concern - Technical Issue' from the dropdown.

6. Submit the ticket.

Note that Garena will only process requests with ALL the required information included. You can check your submitted requests through the ‘My Requests’ tab on your profile.

You can check up on your requests for Garena Free Fire Max through the 'My Requests' tab.

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