Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 National Finals Viewership Rewards, Special Events


Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 National Finals: Viewership Rewards, Special Events

Garena is all ready for the massive FFCO 2021 National Finals!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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FFCO 2021 National Finals is all set to take place on 15th August from 18:00 IST as the 12 qualified teams go up against each other.
There are tons of rewards for the viewers to be won through viewership goals and two special themed in-game events.
The first event is 'Fastest Finger First' with Blue Flame Draco AK Skins as rewards and the other event is 'BOOYAH For Your City'.

The Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 National Finals is just two days away and all the 12 qualified teams are set to compete on 15th August. While the teams will be busy taking on each other for the INR 60,00,000 ($82,301 USD) prize pool, the organizers have planned a lot of things to keep the viewers engaged as well. There are the basic viewership rewards which will be unlocked for all the Free Fire users when the set goal has been reached. In addition to that, there are also two special in-game events that viewers can participate in, while watching the tournament.

Here is all the information about the viewership rewards and the two special events through which Free Fire players can earn additional in-game items.

FFCO 2021 National Finals - viewership rewards, special events: complete details

Viewership Rewards

There are two viewership rewards that Free Fire players can expect to win from FFCO 2021 National Finals.

  • The first reward is '20 - Green Balloon Token' which everyone will receive by default without doing anything.

  • The second reward is a 'Shake It Up - Emote' that everyone will receive but only when the live concurrent viewership crosses 200,000.

FFCO 2021 National Finals - Viewership Rewards

Special In-Game Events

A total of two special themed events have been launched as part of the upcoming FFCO 2021 National Finals. The first one is 'Fastest Finger First', while the other one is 'BOOYAH For Your City', both of them being in-game events.

Fastest Finger First

This is a pretty simple and straight forward event which will take place during the breaks of the live event. This is how this event works,

  • Right before each break, the casters will be announcing the details of two custom rooms, Room ID, and Password, which the organizers will be creating in the game itself. The same information will be shown on the live broadcast as well.

  • The first twelve Free Fire players to enter the lobbies will be receiving different levels of the 'Blue Flame Draco AK Skins'.

  • This is how the weapon skin will differ based on the players order of joining the custom lobbies,

    Top 3: Level 7 - Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

    4 to 7: Level 4 - Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

    Last 5: Level 1 - Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

  • After entering the room details and joining the custom lobby, players need to wait until the lobby disbands, as the Admin will be noting down the Free Fire UID's of the winners.

FFCO 2021 National Finals - Fastest Finger First Rewards

BOOYAH For Your City

This is another straight forward in-game event in which players can simply pick the city that they support in the FFCO 2021 National Finals. Then the players can simply play Free Fire as usual and whenever they finish top three in any Battle Royale mode, a certain number of points are awarded to them.

Players can then redeem certain rewards using these earned points. As a bonus, in case the city they are supporting wins, additional points are awarded to them.

The National Finals will be starting from 18:00 IST on 15th August. In total, six matches will be played amongst the final 12 teams and the one who leads the points table at the end will be crowned as the champions.

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