Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 National Finals Teams, Schedule, Format, Livestream


Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 National Finals: Teams, Schedule, Format, Livestream

The Free Fire City Open 2021 has reached the National Finals stage.

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The Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 has finally reached the National Finals stage all set to take place on 15th August.
A total of 12 Free Fire teams have qualified for this stage - eight through the City Finals while two each from City Play-Ins and Wildcard Finals.
On the final day of the event, a total of six matches will be played and the team on top of the leaderboards at the end will be crowned as the champions.

The Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 which started on 26th April has finally reached the last leg of the tournament - National Finals, all set to take place on 15th August. The tournament featuring a massive INR 60,000,000 ($82,301USD) prize pool is ready for the final stage with all the 12 qualified Free Fire teams. Eight of these teams will be representing the specific cities through which they have managed to qualify, two will be wildcard teams, and the final two teams will be the ones who made their way through the City Play-Ins Finals. These teams will now be going up against each other in a best-of-six format with the best performing team being crowned as the FFCO 2021 champions.

Free Fire City Open 2021 National Finals: Complete details

The national grassroots level Free Fire tournament which started in April is finally entering its final stage in August, spanning more than four months and playing out five different qualifying stages. Here are all the details about the upcoming National Finals which will be played out in a single day itself.

FFCO 2021 National Finals - Qualified Teams

A total of 12 teams have qualified for the National Finals stage, eight of them representing the city through which they managed to qualify in the City Finals stage, and two teams each qualifying through Wildcard Finals and City Play-Ins Finals, respectively.

Here are all the 12 qualified teams that will be competing in the main event,

  • Last Hope - Vizag Victors - City Finals

  • 4 Unknown | Galaxy Racer - Mumbai Strikers - City Finals

  • AFF Esports - Lucknow Warriors - City Finals

  • Jallihattu Tamil Nadu - Chennai Conquerors - City Finals

  • Head Hunters - Kolkata Kings - City Finals

  • Captains - Hyderabad Nawabs - City Finals

  • Zero Degree - Ahmedabad Lions - City Finals

  • Team OP - Delhi Titans - City Finals

  • Pro Nation - Wildcard Finals

  • Titanium Army - Wildcard Finals

  • Team Elite - City Play-Ins Finals

  • Raven Esports - City Play-Ins Finals

FFCO 2021 National Finals - Schedule and Format

The National Finals will take place only on 15th August during which a total of six games will be played. The team standing on top of the leaderboards at the end of all the games will be one walking away with the lions share of the INR 60,000,000 ($82,301USD) prize pool, while also being crowned as the champions.

Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 - Full Tournament Format

FFCO 2021 National Finals - Prize Pool

The total prize pool will be divided between all the teams competing in the National Finals stage. Not only this, there are some extra prizes to be grabbed for MVP of the tournament and teams with the most kills.

Prize money has also been given to teams who made their way through the City Finals, City Play-Ins, and Wildcard Finals.

FFCO 2021 National Finals - Where to Watch

The National Finals will be streamed live on Free Fire's official Facebook page as well as on its YouTube channel.

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