COD Mobile, Free Fire and Bandlanders are games like BGMI for iOS devices.


Five Games Like BGMI for iOS Devices

Nutan Lele
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While BGMI came out for Android users in July, iOS users are still waiting for the game.
Here are five games like BGMI for iOS devices that put a twist on the battle royale format.

After Krafton launched Battlegrounds Mobile India, fans in the region were excited to play their beloved mobile battle royale again. BGMI’s android version launched on July 2, 2021, and by the end of the month had over 34 million registered players and 16 million daily users. However, BGMI iOS users have had to wait for over a month to get their hands on the game. A BGMI iOS version was teased by Krafton two days ago on Instagram, and expected to be out soon. Till you can get your hands on the game or want a twist on the usual battle royale format, here are five games like BGMI for iOS devices.

5 Games like BGMI for iOS Devices

Free Fire

Free Fire's characters give players special abilities. 

The mobile game dubbed “India ka battle royale”, Free Fire is quite similar in terms of gameplay to BGMI. Upto 60 players drop on a map, collect weapons and fight to be the last man standing for a BOOYAH! (similar to Chicken Dinner). The main difference between BGMI and Free Fire is that players can choose different characters that have their own unique abilities. For example, Chrono (based on legendary footballer Christiano Ronaldo) has the ability to create a force field that blocks damage and increases your movement speed.

COD Mobile

The Call of Duty franchise made its way to mobile in October 2019. The game delivers what it promises, Call of Duty on mobile. The game has a battle royale mode and also a multiplayer mode where upto 10 players can fight it out on old, iconic Call of Duty maps like Nuketown. COD Mobile multiplayer also features various other modes like team deathmatch, and search and destroy. COD Mobile has impressive graphics and runs on phones with 4GB RAM.


Badlanders is an action game by NetEase Interactive that puts a twist on the battle royale format. With graphics that are on par with BGMI, the game draws inspiration from Escape from Tarkov, with more focus on collecting and defending resources. 24 players drop onto a map, collect loot and fight enemies. Escape points will routinely open up to let players get out safely and keep all the loot they have with them.

The basic gameplay of Badlaners explained.


They can then exchange the loot they collect for points in the game’s virtual market. This makes looking for high value loot to trade as important as finding good guns to take down enemies.

Collect loot to exchange for in-game cash.


Click here to download Badlanders.

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is another free-to-play mobile battle royale which has very similar gameplay to BGMI in terms of basic gameplay. However, Rules of Survival supersizes the battle royale experience with a 8x8 km map (as big as Miramar) that lets upto 300 players fight it out for victory. With so many players on the map, it amps up the battle royale experience with more firefights and competition for guns and other supplies. The game was also developed and published by NetEast Interactive. Click here to download Rules of Survival.

Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Our last pick for 5 games like BGMI for iOS devices is the FPS/battle royale by Gameloft. While the game’s file size is 1050 MB, the good graphics and engaging gameplay make the game worth playing. As older mobile gamers will know, Gameloft was started by Ubisoft co-founder Michel Guillemot and has released a number of popular mobile games in the past. The game features campaigns in locations like Tokyo and quick-time events. While the battle royale mode is still in beta, it has smooth controls and great graphics, making it an enjoyable experience.

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