Firearms in BGMI: Best Close, Mid and Long Range Guns

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BGMI has various kinds of weapons like ARs, SMGs, DMRs, Sniper Rifles and more.
Each weapon has its pros and cons and players will need to use the right weapon to secure knockdowns or finishes at close, mid or long range.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has various kinds of guns . Assault Rifles (ARs), SubMachine Guns (SMGs), Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), Sniper Rifle, Pistols, Melee, Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, Throwables and Crossbow are the different types of guns in BGMI. Each gun has its pros and cons and if players wish to master any of the guns they should have complete knowledge about these guns. In this article we will take a look at the best close, mid and long range guns in BGMI.

Best Close, Mid and Long Range Guns in BGMI

These are some of the best guns that can be used in close, mid and long range fights:

Close Range: Players will need guns which deal the most amount of damage in minimal time in order to win close range fights. ARs such as AKM, M762, Honey Badger and M416 are some of the guns  which deal a good amount of damage at close range. SMGs such as UMP45, UZI and Thompson have a high fire rate and can be useful when there are no ARs available. Players can also follow the new meta and use Shotguns like DBS and S12k to win close range battles with ease.

BGMI Close Range Weapons

Mid range: To secure mid range knockdowns and finishes players will need to have precision. ARs such as M416 and Scar-L use 5.56mm ammunition and can be used in mid range fights. SMGs usually have lower damage and bullet drop in mid range, but few guns like the UMP45 can be used in mid range battles. DMRs are one shot guns and can be used in mid range battles as they deal the most amount of damage and can be fired with precision.

BGMI Mid Range Weapons

Longe Range: Same as mid range battles, long range fights also require precision. Sniper Rifles and DMRs are among the best guns to use in long range battles. Sniper Rifles like Kar98k, M24 and Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) and DMRs like Mini14 and SKS can be used to secure eliminations in long range fights. Large maps like Miramar usually have long range fights and players are recommended to have one of either a DMR or a Sniper Rifle to win any given fight with ease.

BGMI Long Range Weapon

Players who want to win close, mid and long range fights with ease will need to master the weapons mentioned above. Mid and long range battles require a lot of precision and players are recommended to practice on a daily basis and use the right attachments in order to have control while spraying bullets.

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