Does Nigeria Have a Call of Duty Mobile Server?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Let us look at Does Nigeria have a Call of Duty Mobile Server.</p></div>
Let us look at Does Nigeria have a Call of Duty Mobile Server.


A TikTok post is generating some buzz about Activision's plans for its African player base.
This prompted several players to wonder if Nigeria was really getting its own Call of Duty Mobile Server.
Let us look at if Nigeria has a Call of Duty server.

In September of last year, Activision decided to launch a Call of Duty: Mobile server for African players based in South Africa. Activision was widely praised by fans for making things easier for African players, however, some residing in the northern parts of the continent and countries like Nigeria have been hopeful of another server launch closer to them. TikTok user PaDoKa put up a post claiming that Call of Duty will be setting up a server in Nigeria. This prompted several players to wonder if Nigeria was really getting its own Call of Duty Mobile Server. 

Does Nigeria have a Call of Duty Mobile server? Is it getting one?

A user by the name of PaDoKa put up a tongue-in-cheek post on TikTok.

The voiceover in the post initially claimed that Nigeria was getting its own Call of Duty Mobile server. However, the inclusion of K1 De Ultimate’s Vivid Imagination was unfortunately not enough to indicate to viewers that the post was not meant to be taken seriously. This led to several fans becoming curious about any potential plans Activision may have for its Nigerian player base. 

Unfortunately, the answer to the question, ‘Does Nigeria have a Call of Duty Mobile Server?’ is no. Games like Call of Duty Mobile usually have servers that cater to multiple countries in a particular region. The South African server will cater to not just the players in South Africa but also to nearby countries like Zimbabwe, Namibia and those in Central and West Africa like Nigeria. This means that Nigeria does not have a dedicated Call of Duty: Mobile server and given that Activision is moving away from Call of Duty Mobile to Warzone Mobile, it is unlikely that a Nigeria-specific server will be set up. 

Activision set up a dedicated server for African players in 2022

Activision has restricted region changing, allowing their games to only be playable in the region in which they were purchased/downloaded. Before the South African server was set up, many players had to utilize virtual private networks (VPNs) to circumvent this issue. Players can conceal their IP address and modify their location using VPNs. However, COD Mobile does not permit the use of VPNs, which added to their woes.

The absence of servers in Africa was putting anyone playing in the African region at a serious disadvantage since it is nearly impossible to compete with players who have servers in their regions with lower ping. After several petitions and requests, Activision decided to oblige players in the continent and set up a server in South Africa. 

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