Complete List of Clash of Clans Creator Codes for October 2023

So who are you thinking of supporting?

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Complete List Of Clash Of Clans Creator Codes For October 2023


There is a way for all Clash of Clans players to extend support to their favorite streamers and content creators by simply making in-game purchases.
Creator Codes for Clash of Clans have been introduced by Supercell to help give back to those that entertain and educate the community.
Here are all the active Clash of Clans Creator Codes for October 2023.

Clash of Clans is among the most popular mobile games in the world which is developed and published by Supercell, a Finnish video game company. This online multiplayer game is a fun game that requires lots of teamwork and strategy, enjoying a sizable casual and professional player base that is dedicated to the title.

Over the years Clash of Clans has attracted lots of content creators and streamers, who have adopted the game as their main title and built a great community around it, serving them with knowledge and entertainment.

As a token of thanks and to support them, community members can now use Creator Codes while purchasing things from the in-game store and share a portion of the amount spent with their favorite creator, streamer, or personality.

Here are all the active Clash of Clans Creator Codes that can be used in October 2023.

Clash of Clans: All Creator Codes that you can use in October 2023

Clash of Clans requires quite a bit of a grind to unlock various items, skins, and units, so there are times when players feel the need to make certain purchases, including battle passes, that are released by the developers to mark the start of a new season.

During these moments, players can step up and support their favorite Clash of Clans creators and streamers, by simply using their Creator Codes. They will not be required to spend any extra amount as a portion of their expense will automatically be given away to the person whose code they use for the next seven days.

Here is a complete list of all Clash of Clans Creator Codes that are available and active in October 2023.

How to Use Creator Codes in Clash of Clans

Now that you know all the active Creator Codes in the game, here is how you can redeem them in Clash of Clans.

  1. First and foremost, open Clash of Clans.

  2. Once the game opens, go to the 'Settings' located on the main menu.

  3. Now click on the 'More Settings' option available below.

  4. Scroll to the very bottom and press the button titled 'Enter Code'.

  5. Now, you can simply copy and paste any of the active Creator Codes from the list provided above and confirm it.

  6. Once done, every purchase made by you will also contribute some amount towards the selected creator.

Clash of Clans Creator Codes: October 2023

You do not need to feel bad about only being able to extend support to a single creator as all Creator Codes in Clash of Clans are not permanent, you can repeat the steps and change the supported content creator if required.

Now every purchase you make in the game will not be in vain, as you will be directly supporting the creators who impart knowledge and bring entertainment to the entire Clash of Clans community. At the same time, you will be able to bag your favorite item, skin, or cosmetic to flaunt.

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