What Is Capital Gold in Clash of Clans and How to Use it

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What is Capital Gold in Clash of Clans and How to Use it


You need Capital Gold in Clash of Clans if you want to contribute to buildings in your Clan Capital or upgrade existing Buildings.
You can earn Capital Gold by destroying buildings in Raids or by converting your Home Village and Builder Base resources.

Clash of Clans introduced Capital Gold as a new currency that is used to build structures in the Clan Capital’s District. It is an earnable in-game currency and it cannot be purchased. If you are planning to build or upgrade your Clan’s capital with your clanmates you will need to farm resources and convert them into Capital Gold. Here is a rundown of how to earn Capital Gold in Clash of Clans and use it as a contribution to your Clan Capital.

How to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans 

You can convert Home Village and Builder Base resources into Capital Gold. Alternatively, you can also participate in Raid Weekends.

  • Destroying Buildings in Raids rewards you with Capital Gold.

  • Bigger Defenses and Buildings tend to give more Capital Gold.

  • If you are the player to 3-star a District, you get bonus Capital Gold for any Troops that weren't destroyed. You get this bonus for deployed and undeployed Troops that are alive. You don't get a bonus from unused Spells. One housing space of troops that are alive rewards you 1 Capital Gold.

How to contribute Capital Gold in Clash of Clans

Clan members convert their resources into Capital Gold in the Forge. They then use the Capital Gold to contribute to buildings, to build up Ruins into Buildings, and upgrade existing Buildings.

  • A Building needs several Contributions of Capital Gold to be upgraded to the next level.

  • A Building levels up instantly once there are enough Contributions to it.

  • Players receive Reputation points for Contributing to Buildings.

The Builder Menu shows all the Buildings that are either available to upgrade or have received Contributions. Use the Builder Menu to Contribute to the same Buildings as your Clanmates.

How to use Capital Gold in Clash of Clans for Builder Boost

The Builder Boost and Builder Potion don't have an effect on the costs of Contributing to Buildings in the Capital. They do however have an effect on the Forge.

In the Forge:

  • The Builder Boost reduces the time it takes to convert resources into Capital Gold.

  • The Builder Boost also lowers the Resource amounts required to convert into Capital Gold.

  • The Builder Potion reduces the amount of time needed for converting Resources into Capital Gold.

That is all you need to know about Capital Gold in Clash of Clans. Do remember to finish off Districts in Raids with as few troops as possible to ensure you get the most Capital Gold possible to contribute to your Clan Capital.

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