BGMI Redeem Codes and Redemption Centre Link Are Not Live Yet

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BGMI redeem codes and the redemption centre link have not gone live yet.
Beware of websites peddling fake BGMI redeem codes and redemption centre links.

After Krafton launched Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), fans in the region were excited to play their beloved mobile battle royale again. BGMI’s android version launched on 2nd July 2021 while the iOS version went live on 18th August 2021. While several of the features from PUBG Mobile (Player Unknowns Battlegrounds) were carried over to Battlegrounds Mobile India, BGMI redeem codes and the redemption centre link have not gone live yet. There are several websites claiming to give players access to various BGMI redeem codes, and supposedly instructing them about how to redeem these codes in redemption centres. However, as of now there is no way to redeem outfits, vehicle skins or any other cosmetics in the mobile battle royale through any such codes.

Krafton has not set up a BGMI redemption centre yet

Unlike with PUBG Mobile, Krafton has not officially set up a redemption centre link for Battlegrounds Mobile India yet. While there are several redeem codes available for PUBG Mobile, they cannot be used to redeem items in BGMI. PUBG Mobile has a dedicated redemption centre website which players outside India can access to input PUBG Mobile redeem codes along with their character ID to get various items and UC.

The official PUBG Mobile redemption center website page. There is currently no page to redeem BGMI Redeem Codes. 

However, such a feature has not been implemented for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Some websites may claim to be official redemption centres for Battlegrounds Mobile India and trick players into revealing sensitive information about their accounts in an attempt to defraud the player.

Tips to protect yourself from unsafe websites online

Check the domain name: Sites set up to spoof a legitimate site often use domain names that look or sound similar to legitimate site addresses. Access the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website here.

Do not disclose any personal information like phone numbers or payment details: Not even the PUBG Mobile redemption centre asks players to disclose anything except for their publicly available character ID.

Utilize your internet browser's security tools: Be sure to install the most current version of your web browser. Most browsers have sophisticated filters that can identify and warn you of potential security threats.

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