BGMI: How to Fix 'Server is Busy' Error in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Fix the 'Server is busy' error and 'restrict_area' error code in BGMI by following the steps below.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access version went live for everyone on July 18.
The 'Server is busy' error along with 'restrict-area' error code have surfaced since then as some of the most commonly faced issues.
Read on to find out what is causing these errors to occur for certain users and how can they go about fixing it.

Krafton opened the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Early Access version to everyone on July 18. This has resulted in an increased number of players which helps in highlighting various issues, one of the most recent and common ones being "Server is busy, please try again later. Error code: restrict-area". This error generally surfaces when a player opens BGMI, preventing them from accessing the game. With millions of users getting their hands on the open beta version from different sources like Google Play Store (official), APK + OBB files, and even third party stores like TapTap, players need to be cautious as they may come across numerous errors like parsing problem, download failure, and more.

For now, let's focus on the 'Server is busy' error and 'restrict-area' error code. Read on to find out why users are facing this issue and how can you solve fix this error.

How to Fix 'Server is Busy' Error and 'Restrict-Area' Error Code in BGMI

The 'Server is busy' error with the 'restrict-area' error code seems to be a common issue among Battlegrounds Mobile India players, preventing certain users from accessing the India exclusive Battle Royale, but what exactly is causing this error?

BGMI: 'Server is busy' error and 'restrict-area' error code

The 'Server is busy' error likely occurs when a player either tries to access BGMI from any other country except India, if the player tries to play the game on unsupported devices like emulators, or due to poor local network configuration. These three issues are most likely the reason behind a player facing the 'restrict-area' error code.

Here is how you can attempt to fix the 'Server is busy' error in BGMI.

  • For the moment, only players residing in India are officially eligible to access Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access version. So make sure your ISP is using an IP address located in India. You can use NordVPN's 'What is my IP address?' tool for free, to confirm if your IP address is located in India.

  • Make sure that your are playing the mobile Battle Royale by downloading it from official sources. Krafton for now has only officially released the game for Android devices through the Google Play Store.

  • Lastly, players can contact their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to reconfigure their local network settings. If the problem is still not resolved players can maybe consider switching to another network.

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