BGMI: Fix Joystick Stuck Issues in 2.7 Update with this Simple Trick

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>BGMI: Fix Joystick Stuck Issues in 2.7 Update with this Simple Trick</p></div>
BGMI: Fix Joystick Stuck Issues in 2.7 Update with this Simple Trick



Tackle joystick glitches with sprint button placement and sensitivity adjustments.

Update 2.7 brought more bugs than improvements to the BGMI experience, leaving many players frustrated. Among the issues plaguing players, joystick problems, such as getting stuck or not moving correctly, have been a common complaint. In this article, we'll discuss some helpful tips and tricks that can help you overcome joystick-related issues in BGMI 2.7. Whether you're a BGMI or global player, these solutions are for you. We won't dive into the specifics of joystick size and placement but focus on practical solutions to resolve the stuck joystick problem.

Optimize with Sprint Button Placement

One of the key solutions to fix joystick issues is adjusting the placement of the sprint button. Instead of tapping directly on the sprint button, try bringing it to the downside of your joystick. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Move the joystick to the upper edge of the screen.

  2. Try to bring the 'drag to sprint' button below the Joystick.

  3. You won't be able drag it below in one-go so tap on any other button instead before trying again.

  4. Keep repeating this process till your sprint button is exactly below your joystick.

Below is the video demonstration on how to do it.

This setup prevents accidental taps on the sprint button, allowing for smoother joystick control.

Fine-Tune Sprint Sensitivity: If you've noticed that your joystick movements have become sluggish or less responsive after the update, consider tweaking your sprint sensitivity. Before the update, you might have been comfortable with a higher sensitivity setting, but now, it might need adjustment. For instance, if you were using 87% sprint sensitivity before the update, try lowering it to 72%. Many players have reported significant improvements in their movements after making this adjustment.

Finding Your Perfect Joystick Center: While it may take some trial and error, finding the perfect joystick center is essential for a comfortable gaming experience. The center of the joystick should align with where your thumb naturally rests while holding your device during gameplay. Experiment with different positions until you find the one that feels most comfortable and responsive.

In conclusion, BGMI's 2.7 update may have introduced some frustrating joystick issues, but with the right adjustments and tips, you can enjoy smoother gameplay once again. Try these solutions to fix joystick stuck issues and get back to dominating the battlegrounds without any hindrances. You can also check out more of our BGMI Guides from here.

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