Best Razorback SMG Loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile

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Best Razorback SMG Loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile


The Razorback SMG is one of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile at close to medium range.
With the right perks and equipment, you can turn the Razorback into a killing machine.
Our Razorback SMG Loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile makes the weapon perfect for both shotgun and sniper enjoyers.

Call of Duty (COD): Mobile has a host of SMGs to choose from but the Razorback stands out as one of the best options available. The base weapon itself is a solid choice due to its accuracy and range. It provides good damage output and manageable recoil but if you want to get the most out of the weapon, we recommend checking out our Razorback loadout for COD: Mobile.

Best attachments for the Razorback in COD: Mobile

  • Optic: Red Dot Sight or your preferred optic for better target acquisition.

  • Muzzle: MIP Light Flash Guard or any other muzzle attachment that improves vertical recoil control.

  • Barrel: OWC Marksman or RTC Light Extended Barrel to increase damage range and bullet velocity.

  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A or Extended Mag B for increased magazine capacity.

  • Underbarrel: Foregrip or Strike Foregrip for improved recoil stabilization.

Best perks for the Razorback in COD: Mobile

  • Lightweight: Increases your movement speed, allowing you to navigate the map quickly.

  • Quick Fix: Regenerates health faster after getting a kill, helping you stay in engagements.

  • Dead Silence: Makes your footsteps silent, giving you the element of surprise.

  • Lethal Equipment - Frag Grenade: A versatile explosive that can be used for clearing out enemies from objectives or tight spaces.

  • Tactical - Concussion Grenade: Temporarily blinds and slows down enemies, making them vulnerable.

Best operator skill for the Razorback in COD: Mobile

Equalizer: This operator skill transforms your weapon into a dual-wielding SMG but not all players enjoy using the Razorback in a dual-wielding setup. Consider using a different perk if you do not enjoy using the Equalizer.

That is all you need to know about the best Razorback loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile. For more COD: Mobile content, here is a quick rundown of everything that is coming in the Season 6 update. We also have a sneak peek of the Mythic Templar coming to the game.

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