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Best Characters to Use in Pokemon UNITE - November 2022

Abhimannu Das
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Absol continues to be a dominant force in the Pokemon UNITE meta despite receiving nerfs.
Zoroark, who is the newest Pokemon in the game, is a strong character but it's not as strong as the meta options.
Mew is the most versatile character in the game right now due to the incredible flexibility in its kit.

Recent balance changes have helped shift the meta in Pokemon UNITE. The newest character on the block, Zoroark is an S-tier option, but it is not quite on par with other Pokemon that are dominating the meta. If you want to dominate matches in Pokemon UNITE, here are the best characters that you should be using for each lane.

Best Pokemon UNITE Characters 

The meta currently revolves around Absol and Greninja in the Jungle while Mew has proven to be a flexible character who can do just about everything but is typically played in the Mid lane by many. For the Top lane, you can use Venusaur for its extremely high defense and damage capabilities. 

Absol - Jungle 

Absol requires a fair bit of mechanical skill if you want to land your abilities. If you love dealing with insane amounts of burst damage, Absol is an uncontested Jungler. Midnight Slash is an obnoxious ability to deal with and it can be very difficult to counter Absol without using an Absol or Grenjinja of your own. 

Tsareena - Jungle

Tsareena is one of the better counters to Absol as long as you can keep using Queenly Majesty to apply pressure. You can also rely on Queen Ascendant to disable other Pokemon which is a much-needed utility in the current meta.

Greninja - Jungle 

Greninja is an evasive Pokemon with incredible speed. You can dash around the map and avoid incoming damage while also having access to hard-hitting abilities. But your health pool is very small and you need to learn how to maneuver around the map while constantly dealing damage.

Mew - Flex

One of the best things about Mew is its Move Reset mechanic which allows you to change your playstyle on the go. You have incredible damage capabilities with Solar Beam or Electro Ball, both of which are easy to use. You can also use Mew as a support when you need to by using moves like Surf or Coaching to help out your team.

Venusaur - Top

Giga Dragon is a broken ability that can drain HP and turn the tides in a fight. The Pokemon is already tanky and its healing capabilities make Venusaur almost unkillable unless players focus it down.

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