AWM vs. AMR: Which One Is the Better Sniper Rifle in BGMI?

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>AMR vs. AWM: Which One Is the Better Sniper Rifle in BGMI?</p></div>
AMR vs. AWM: Which One Is the Better Sniper Rifle in BGMI?


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Lynx AMR vs. AWM: Lynx AMR boasts higher damage and bullet velocity, while AWM offers more ammunition and customization options.
Choosing the best sniper rifle in BGMI: Lynx AMR excels in power, while AWM prioritizes versatility

The battlegrounds of BGMI are unforgiving, and having a powerful sniper rifle can make a world of difference in securing victories. Two notable contenders in this category are the Lynx AMR (Anti-Material Rifle) and the AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum). Let's dive into a comprehensive comparison of these weapons to determine which one deserves the title of the best sniper rifle in BGMI.

Choosing the Best sniper rifle in BGMI: AWM vs AMR

Damage: AMR Takes the Lead

When it comes to raw damage, the Lynx AMR holds the upper hand. With a base damage 4% higher than the AWM, the AMR surpasses its competitor in firepower. However, it's important to note that both rifles are capable of one-shot kills to a player wearing a level three helmet. Despite the slight damage advantage, the AMR's edge in this category doesn't provide significant practical benefits.

Bullet Velocity: The Speed Advantage of the AMR

Bullet velocity plays a vital role in long-range engagements, and here the Lynx AMR emerges as the victor. With a staggering bullet velocity of approximately 1,100 m/s, the AMR surpasses the AWM's previous record of 945 m/s. The AMR's high bullet velocity translates to less bullet drop and superior performance in long-distance encounters. In a head-to-head confrontation, an AMR shot will reach its target faster than an AWM shot, giving it a considerable advantage.

Ammunition: AWM Holds the Ammunition Advantage

When it comes to ammunition availability, the AWM outshines the AMR. The AWM comes with 25 rounds of .300 Magnum ammunition, providing more shots before requiring a resupply. In contrast, the AMR is limited to a mere ten rounds of .50 ACP ammunition. Considering the scarcity of ammunition for both rifles, the AWM's larger ammo capacity gives it a significant advantage in prolonged engagements.

Customization: AWM Wins the Customization Race

Customization options play a crucial role in tailoring a weapon to individual playstyles. In this aspect, the Om surpasses both the AMR and AWM. The Om features additional customization slots, allowing players to equip scopes, canted sights, muzzle attachments, extended magazines, and stocks. The AMR, on the other hand, only offers one customization slot for scopes. Therefore, the Om's versatility and adaptability give it an edge in customization options.

Rate of Fire: AMR's Advantage

The rate of fire can be a decisive factor in sniper rifle performance. The AMR exhibits an advantage in this area, as it allows players to remain scoped in while firing consecutive shots. With a delay of approximately 1.5 seconds between shots, the AMR enables faster follow-up shots. The AWM, on the other hand, requires a longer delay of about 2.5 seconds between shots, potentially allowing enemies to escape if the initial shot is missed. Although the AMR holds an advantage in rate of fire, the AWM compensates with a faster reload time when replacing a fully empty magazine.

Special Abilities: AMR's Unique Armor-Piercing Ability

The AMR possesses a unique ability to pierce through vehicles, dealing significant damage to both occupants and the vehicles themselves. This feature makes it a formidable weapon against enemies taking cover behind vehicles. However, neither rifle has any distinct special abilities beyond the capability to eliminate level three helmet-wearing opponents in a single shot. The AMR's armor-piercing ability sets it apart, but the challenges of hitting moving vehicles and the limited ammunition supply should be considered.

Choosing the Best Sniper Rifle: A Matter of Preference

Ultimately, selecting the best sniper rifle between the AMR and AWM depends on personal preference and playstyle. If the ability to penetrate vehicles is desirable, the AMR stands out as a unique and potent choice. However, players who prioritize ammunition capacity and reliability may lean towards the AWM. Both weapons are rare AirDrop exclusives, leaving players with no choice but to adapt to the rifle they find first. The decision rests in the hands of the individual player.

In conclusion, while the Lynx AMR demonstrates superior damage and bullet velocity, the AWM's ammunition capacity and customization options make it a formidable rival. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each rifle is crucial for players aiming to excel in the sniper role. For more such pieces on BGMI, you can check out our guide section.

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