Atlas Mobile Legends Guide: New Emblems, Item Builds, Abilities, and More

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Atlas Mobile Legends Guide: New Emblems, Item Builds, Abilities, and More</p></div>
Atlas Mobile Legends Guide: New Emblems, Item Builds, Abilities, and More



Atlas in one of the best Tanks in Mobile Legends.
Atlas can be easily countered by using the support hero Diggie.
Here is a guide on how to use Atlas in Mobile Legends and which Emblem and items to build.

Atlas in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the top-tier heroes in the meta. While the hero has a hard counter, the hero Diggie, his crowd control and mobility may force opponents to take countermeasures just to survive his ganks. On top of being one of the best tank roamers in the meta, Atlas in Mobile Legends is also one of the most newbie-friendly heroes in the game. His abilities do not require too much skill to execute but mastering him will definitely add more to his powerful map controlling capabilities.

Here is a guide on how to use Atlas in Mobile Legends from his suggested Emblem set, item builds, and much more.

Atlas Abilities Explained

Atlas Abilities Explained Mobile Legends


Here is a quick rundown of Atlas’ abilities in Mobile Legends;

Passive - Frigid Breath

  • Atlas generates a Frigid Breath around him for 5 seconds each time he casts a skill. Enemies who stay in the area for 1.5 seconds will have their Movement Speed reduced by 50% and Attack Speed by 50%. They can remove the slow effect by leaving the area of Frigid Breath.

  • Atlas gains 25-60 Physical and Magic Defense when he is inside Frigid Breath.

Not a lot of players know that Atlas gains a massive defense boost if he is inside the Frigid Breath area. Make sure to always spam your abilities whenever you are fighting or engaging.

1st Ability - Annihilate

  • Atlas smashes the ground and causes 3 explosions. Each explosion deals Magic Damage to enemies.

  • Ejected State: If Atlas has ejected from his Mecha Sentry, both himself and the Mecha Sentry will cast Annihilate.

This ability is perfect for activating Frigid Breath and keeping the enemy from escaping.

2nd Ability - Perfect Match

  • Atlas separates himself from its Mecha Sentry and enters Ejected State, gaining 40% Movement Speed and immunity to slow effects. In this state, the Mecha Sentry will follow the pilot at an increased speed (can only be controlled by Suppression). Once they meet, Atlas will return to the Mecha, dealing Magic Damage to enemies nearby and stunning them for 1 second.

  • Ejected State: Atlas and his Mecha share the same HP bar and reduce 50% of the damage taken in this state.

Good for chasing enemies as you can then stun them once Atlas reunites with his Mecha Sentry.

Ultimate Ability - Fatal Links

  • Atlas hurls chains around and starts to channel, dealing Magic Damage to enemy heroes hit and slowing them by 40% for 3 seconds.

  • Use again while channeling: Atlas will drag the targets toward him and slam them down in the designated direction, dealing Magic Damage.

  • Use this skill in Ejected State: The Mecha Sentry will return to Atlas immediately, but the stun effect will be replaced by a 40% slow effect only.

This is Atlas’s bread-and-butter ability. Your ultimate ability may decide the outcome of a teamfight. Make sure to grab the main damage dealers to group them together so your allies can burst them down with their abilities.

Atlas New Emblem in Mobile Legends

With the new Emblem System in Mobile Legends, Atlas receives a slight change to his setup;

Atlas New Emblem in Mobile Legends


  • Choose the Custom Tank Emblem as Atlas will need all the defense and health stats he can get.

  • For the Tier 1 emblem, select Agility for a 5% bonus movement speed.

  • For Tier 2, go for Tenacity as Atlas will be engaging a lot and the bonus defense will be a big help when you are in low health.

  • For the Tier 3 emblem, select the Focusing Mark. This will allow your attacks to mark enemies and make them receive more damage from your allies.

Atlas Build in Mobile Legends

To match well with the new Emblem set, players can build the following items for Atlas;

Atlas Build in Mobile Legends


  • Rapid Boots with Conceal Blessing - As the one in charge of engaging, Atlas needs all the movements speed he can get without compromising his defense. Conceal blessing will also allow him to ambush unsuspecting enemies.

  • Dominance Ice - This will add extra defense and also reduce enemies’ shield and healing power while you are near them.

  • Athena’s Shield - This will prevent one-shot combos from heroes who deal magic damage. If you are against a heavy magic burst mage or assassin, make sure to build this item as soon as possible.

  • Fleeting Time - Each kill or assist will reduce your Ultimate ability cooldown by 30%. Perfect if you are always joining teamfights.

  • Antique Cuirass - When dealing with deadly Physical Damage heroes, this item will reduce their damage, buying you more time to survive and counter with your abilities.

  • Immortality - You will be dying a lot as a Tank so make sure to build this item in the late game.

Spare Equipment

  • Twilight Armor - If you find it hard to survive even with Athena’s Shield and Antique Cuirass, adding this item will give you a bonus shield when you fall.

Guardian Helmet - If you want to roam more without having to recall frequently then take this item as it will give you a huge health regeneration boost.

Battle Spell

  • Flicker - This item is a must-have for Atlas. You can use it to escape or engage in team fights and immediately activate your Ultimate ability when you’re near the enemy target.

  • Vengeance - You will usually have to choose Flicker instead of another Battle Spell. However, if you think you can get by without the extra mobility, Vengeance will allow you to gain more defense while you bait enemies into attacking you and damage themselves in the process.

With this Atlas Mobile Legends guide, you are one step closer to winning your ranked games and reaching Mythic rank. Make sure to be familiar with the hero by playing it in classic before trying to use the hero in ranked matches in Mobile Legends.

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