Apex Legends Mobile: Check How to Pre Register

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Pre-registrations for Apex Legends Mobile have gone live globally.
Players can pre-register on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
Players who participate in pre-registrations have a chance to get community rewards.

Respawn Entertainment announced that Apex Legends Mobile pre-registrations have finally gone live for all regions. EA had been beta testing the mobile game in Latin America, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and other regions last year. This year, they’ve decided to give players global access to the game. The game will feature new events, limited-time modes and mobile exclusive skins. As of now there are seven legends on the mobile version of Apex Legends which are free to play, namely Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Bangalore, Wraith, Lifeline and Pathfinder. Legends like Octane, Mirage and Caustic need to be unlocked to play. Here is how to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile.

How to pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile

You can pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile and get community rewards when the game launches.

1. Visit the Apex Legends Mobile page on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

2. Tap the button that says ‘Pre-register’.

Navigate to the Play Storepage of Apex Legends Mobile.

Play Store, Electronic Arts

3. Wait for the game to go live in your region, you can also choose the option to auto-install when it’s available.

As of now Apex Legends Mobile has 7,577,496 pre-registrations with more players expected to register in the coming weeks. Apex Legends is arriving late to the mobile battle royale market. Brands like Krafton, Garena and Activision Blizzard already have established their presence in this space. Activision Blizzard announced their second installment in the mobile space with Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile just a few days ago.

Check out the Apex Legends Mobile launch trailer below:

Apex Legends Mobile community rewards

As Respawn hits their pre-registration targets, they will be releasing rewards to players who join the mobile game. As of now all rewards till the 5,000,000 tier have been unlocked.

Here are all the community rewards up for grabs during the game's launch.

Apex Legends Mobile System Requirements

Here are system requirements for the launch version of the game. The game is said to run on modern smartphones. For iOS devices, you will need a minimum of 2GB RAM and for Android devices, a minimum of 3GB RAM is required.

Minimum Requirements

For Android:

Android 8.1

Open GL 3.0 or higher

3 GB free space

At least 3 GB RAM

Screens size: N/L/XL

For iOS:

iPhone 6S or later

OS version: 10.0 or later


3 GB free space

At least 2GB RAM

The mobile version of Apex Legends will be able to support Android devices with 2GB RAM from the following brands:

  • Vivo

  • Oppo

  • Huawei

  • Motorola

  • Samsung

  • Lenovo

  • Xiaomi

At the time of launch, the mobile game will not have cross-play enabled with PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. The game will be limited to mobile devices only.

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