Ranking the Best Shotguns in COD Mobile Season 2



Ranking the Best Shotguns in COD Mobile Season 2

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  • Shotguns are good for close-quarters combat with high damage and fire rate at the cost of range.
  • The best Shotgun that you can use in Season 2 are KRM-262 and BY15.

The best shotguns in COD Mobile are good for close-quarters combat with high damage and fire rate at the cost of range. As of Season 2, there are currently six shotguns available for players to choose from. The best shotguns that you can use in Season 2 are KRM-262, Echo, and BY15. There are other options like the Striker, HS0405, and HS2126. Although they are an acceptable choice, they rank lower on our list. Here is a list of the shotguns in Call of Duty: Mobile ranked from best to worst, based on stats like damage, accuracy, fire rate, range, recoil, and mobility.


KRM-262 ranks the highest on our list of best shotguns in COD Mobile. | Source: Activision

While shotguns aren’t popular in COD Mobile, the KRM-262 is one of the best shotguns if you want to go down that route. Its high fire rate and damage can be devastating at close range. The KRM-262 is also quite mobile and offers a fair bit of recoil control. Equip the 20 round extended reload case, RTC Laser 1mW, the sleight of hand perk along with the YKM barrel, and a tactical suppressor to optimize your shotgun choice.


The Echo is another popular alternative. | Source: Activision

The Echo is a self-loading shotgun that is able to hit up to 93 points of damage. This shotgun has a lot of damage capability, low recoil, and high precision. It is quite lightweight and is portable, making it one of the best shotguns in COD Mobile. Equip a choke, large extended mag D, IP laser 5mW, YKM combat stock, and a rubberized grip tape. 


BY15 is a pump-action shotgun which makes for a decent pick. | Source: Activision

The BY15 is a pump-action shotgun that first appeared in Modern Warfare. It reappears in COD Mobile and can deal up to 89 damage with an accuracy of 48. Compared to other shotguns, it has a higher range but lags behind in accuracy, mobility, and control compared to the Echo or KRM-262. BY15 can wipe out enemies in 2 shots from medium range. In close range, the weapon will take someone out in 1 shot if your shots land in the chest and head area.


The semi-automatic shotgun ranks lower on our list of best shotguns in COD Mobile. | Source: Activision 

The Striker has appeared in a number of previous Call of Duty games. It is a semi-automatic shotgun with higher accuracy at the middle and close range. The Striker has a high fire rate compared to other guns but lags behind in damage, accuracy, and range compared to KRM-262. 


The lever-action shotgun due to its nature has a lower fire rate compared to other shotguns in the game. | Source: Activision

The HS0405 is a lever-action shotgun that has higher damage of 100 and high mobility compared to other shotguns but it doesn’t match up in terms of accuracy, range, or fire rate. Unfortunately, due to its low stats, it doesn’t rank high on our best shotgun tier list. 

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Despite having the fastest fire rate, it ranks lower in all other stats. | Source: Activision

The HS2126 first appeared in Call of Duty series in Black Ops 2, but it was called the M1216. The HS2126 has one of the fastest firing rates but lower stats compared to other shotguns across the board. Even compared to the Striker, this shotgun has lower damage, accuracy, range, mobility, and control. 

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