Mobile Legends Tier List for February 2021


Mobile Legends Tier List for February 2021

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  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has over 100 heroes to choose from, so we've made a Mobile Legends tier list to help you figure out who to play.
  • We look at all the current classes in Mobile Legends to figure out who is S+ tier in the current patch.
  • While a Mobile Legends tier list is a great guide, keep in mind that every team should have at least an engage (tank), support (healer), and damage dealers (magic damage and physical damage).

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has over 100 heroes to choose from, with each hero having their own strengths and weaknesses according to the current patch and meta. A Mobile Legends tier list can help players see which heroes are doing well in the current patch 1.5.46 for different classes. While a Mobile Legends tier list is a great guide, keep in mind that every team should have at least an engage (tank), support (healer), and damage dealers for both magic damage and physical damage. This is important for winning games since each role has a specific role to play in team fights. Only tanks and supports won’t do enough damage while only damage dealers will die quickly in fights. Also, take into account your playstyle, a Mobile Legends tier list will only be helpful if you know how to play the champions suggested well. We take a look at the Mobile Legends tier list including the best picks for assassins, supports, mages, fighters and marksmen in the current patch.

Mobile Legends Tier List for February 2021

Mobile Legends tier list for supports

Supports help keep the team alive in fights and provide utility for winning matches. They can give shields, buffs, heals, and crowd control which helps their teammates escape or lockdown enemies in fights. Our top support picks in the Mobile Legends tier list include:


Angela can shield and heal allies as well as crowd control enemies and moderate damage. Her ability to possess ally heroes makes her a unique support character. Players should build a Courage Mask, Magic Shoes, Fleeting Time, Necklace of Durance, Immortality, and Ice Queen Wand.


Kaja can easily displace enemies as he specializes in crowd control and charge. His skills allow him to slow enemies and lower their magic defenses. His passive gives him increased range on basic attacks and sends a lightning bolt that deals magic damage. His skills make Kaja an effective side laner. Build Magic Shoes, Shadow Mask, Athena’s Shield, Fleeting Time, Immortality and Ice Queen Wand. 

In the current meta, Valir, Nana, or Natalia are also strong Support choices. 

Mobile Legends tier list for marksmen

Marksmen provide the majority of the physical damage dealt to enemies in the team. They require good positioning and kiting abilities to stay alive in teamfights and deal as much damage as possible. 


Brody is one of the newest Marksmen in our Mobile Legends tier list and also the most powerful. He has a lot of AOE damage, great mobility, and charges up his basic attacks. While he isn’t that strong early game, he scales over time to become a real powerhouse of damage. Build Swift Boots, Berserker’s Fury, Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, Scarlet Phantom, and Haas’s Claws.


Claude is a Marksman in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with a Reap/Burst specialty. He can deal a lot of burst damage thanks to his partner monkey, Dexter, who deals a second attack every time Claude fires a normal attack. Build Demon Shoes, Demon Hunter Sword, Golden Staff, Wind Of Nature, Blade Of Despair, and Immortality.

Mobile Legends tier list for Fighters

Fighters are generally quite tanky and have a mix of crowd control and lockdown abilities that help them soak up damage in the front line and keep their marksmen and other damage dealers safe. 

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong is a relatively new hero but an extremely powerful one with his ultimate turning him into a black dragon which can cause havoc for the enemy team. His outstanding crowd control and passive skill make him our pick for the best Fighter in Mobile Legends. We recommend using Yu Zhong as a side laner. Build Magic Boots, Bloodlust Axe, Blade of Despair, Oracle, Athena’s Shield and Immortality on him. 


Paquito was introduced to Mobile Legends in patch 1.5.46 and was based on Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Paqcuiao. Paquito offers a lot to the team. He can tank a lot of damage with his first skill or prevent enemies from escaping using his ultimate skill. Overall he is a decent fighter hero that can be lethal if players let him get close to them. Paquito’s combo is what makes him very powerful.

Other top fighters on our Mobile Legends tier list are Hilda, Khaleed, Masha, and Chou.

Mobile Legends tier list for Assassins

Assassins usually have high damage and mobility but are quite squishy. As an assassin, your job is to take out the enemy team's highest damage dealers like marksmen and mages and get out. Assassins are great for players who like to take risks and pull of flashy plays which when done right, is very rewarding. Here are our picks for assassins for our  Mobile Legends tier list, February 2021.


Helcurt specializes in both pushing lanes and burst damage. His unique disabling ability and blinding skill make him a great assassin. Helcurt has a passive that makes him very effective during the early game. Build Raptor Machete, Warrior Boots, Blade of Despair, Scarlet Phantom, Rose Gold Meteor, and Immortality.


Benedetta has a lot of mobility and a lot of AoE skills which give her decent damage. Every single one of Benedetta’s abilities gives you mobility in the form of a blink or displacement like Phantom Slash. In total, you’ll have a minimum of four movement skills, and even more as your passive charges up in battle. However, players will need to practice this hero before they can get good with her.

Mobile Legends tier list for Mages

Mages are great for poking enemies down or bursting them down with both single target and area of effect skills. Some mages also provide a decent amount of crowd control like stuns. Here are our picks for mages for the Mobile Legends tier list.


This long-range hero specializes in Poking and Burst. Chang’e can be used as a side laner and is also difficult to pursue because of her BIU! BIU! BIU skills work similar to the Poker Trick Harley skill but produce a stun effect if it is successful in hitting the target. Build Glowing Wand, Magic Shoes, Concentrated Energy, Ice Queen Wand, and Divine Glaive on her.  


Esmeralda is a unique tank-mage, with a good set of area of effect abilities and burst damage skills. Her first skill also lets her steal enemy shields. Esmeralda builds both offensively and defensively with a mix of magic and tank items like Calamity Reaper, Feather of Heaven. Defensive items like Oracle and Queen’s Wings can also be built on her, making it hard for enemies to take her down. Esmeralda benefits most from the Mage emblem page, with upgrades in Agility and Observation giving her increased Movement Speed and Magic Penetration. 

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Mobile Legends tier list for Tanks


Khufra has powerful crowd control skills that allow him to charge in during teamfights and lock down enemies making him one of our top picks in tanks on the Mobile Legends tier list. The Bouncing Ball is great for catching enemies out,  and along with his ultimate, he can ensure that enemies hit terrain for the full stun. Build Courage Mask, Warrior Boots, Cursed Helmet, Immortality, Antique Cuirass, and Queen’s Wings.


Barats and Detona specialize in damage and crowd control. He can absorb energy from enemies to become larger and increase his defenses, making him a tank. Build items like Shadow Mask, Warrior Boots, Athena’s Shield, Brute Force Breast Plate, Twilight Armour, and Immortality. 

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