Wild Rift Patch 2.1 Tier List: Which Champion Should You Pick

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  • There are champion in Wild Rift that are proven to be powerful than other champions.
  • The Tier List will help players have an idea on which champions they can focus on playing in order to climb higher in ranked games.
  • Here is our tier list for Wild Rift in Patch 2.1. More heroes will be added in the list when they get released in the game.

League of Legends: Wild Rift players are always seeking ways to climb fast in ranked games. A tier list is one of the fastest ways to check which champions are the most useful in the current meta. Just by checking on these tier lists, players will know what champions they can use or what champions they can start practicing to climb higher in the ladder. While some champions require proper team coordination, there are also exceptional champions that you can use to carry games all by yourself. Here is our Tier List for Wild Rift Patch 2.1.

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Wild Rift: Patch 2.1 Tier List 

League of Legends: Wild Rift is currently on its first official Ranked Season. Players above Gold are rewarded with the ranked exclusive skin “Glorious Tryndamere.” As the League of Legends PC version, this skin will only be obtainable in Ranked Season 1 and will not be available in the future. 

The champions listed here are rated according to how well they perform in solo matchmaking as some champions rely heavily on team coordination like Sona or Vayne.

Here are the criteria for each tier;

  • S Tier - Champions that are currently the most powerful in that certain role in the game.
  • A Tier - These are champions that are still strong but not as powerful as the S tier.
  • B Tier - Reliable champions you can pick in that lane but highly situational.
  • C Tier - These champions are still good, but you’re better off playing higher tier champions.
  • F Tier - These champions are the weakest and are not recommended in that certain role.
Wild Rift: Patch 2.1 Tier List
TiersBaronJungle LaneMid LaneDragon LaneSupport
WukongLee SinAkaliMiss FortuneBraum
YasuoXin ZhaoYasuoTristanajanna
Jax -LuxVarus-
Akali-Twisted Fate--
BGragasJarvan IVTeemoVayneSona
SingedMaster YiSeraphineZiggsSoraka
NasusAmumuAurelion SolCorkiMalphite
Dr. Mundo-Corki--
FTryndamereTryndamere--Miss Fortune

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Note: The Wild Rift Patch 2.1 Tier List will be updated when new champions get released. The upcoming Champions are Xayah and Rakan in February, while Katarina, Pantheon, Leona, and Diana will be added in March 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the Wild Rift Patch 2.1 Tier List.

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