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Wild Rift Project Skins: Data Leak Reveals 5 Champions Who May Receive Them

John Dave Rossel
3/Feb/2021 07:45 am

Dataminers have revealed 5 upcoming Project skins in Wild Rift.
The Project Skins for Ashe, Leona, Yasuo, Vi, and Zed will likely be available on March 2021. Project Ashe is going to be Legendary Tier while the rest will be Epic Tier.
This likely won't be the only batch of Project skins for Wild Rift. Soon enough, more Project skins will be released as the Champion pool increases.

The much-awaited Project Skins will be making its way into Wild Rift in March 2021, along with four new champions, Katarina, Leona, Diana, and Pantheon. The Project Skins cosmetics are one of the most popular skin lines to be released on League of Legends PC and will soon make its way into Wild Rift. Fans have already started speculating about which skins would be ported to the Mobile Version. Although Riot Games have confirmed the Project Zed skin line, Data miners have managed to get a sneak of four other champions who will also receive the Wild Rift Project skins.

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5 Upcoming Project Skins in Wild Rift

According to LoL Universe TH, these Project skins have already been added to the game files and will likely release in March 2021. The champions who will receive these skins in Wild Rift are Leona, Ashe, Yasuo, Zed, and Vi. Ashe’s skin will be Legendary Tier, her first high tier skin, while the rest of the skins will be Epic tier cosmetics. 

The Project skins in Wild Rift come with compelling skill animations and visually stunning models which are improved versions of League of Legends PC. All these skins have a Sci-fi Cyberpunk style with their neon holographic weapons.

Here is the preview of these skins

Project Ashe (Legendary Tier)

Project Ashe is coming soon in Wild RiftProject Ashe is a Legendary Tier skin, and it looks astonishing as ever.

Project Leona (Epic)

Project Leona is coming soon in Wild RiftProject Leona looks pretty cool in her new skin.

Project Yasuo (Epic Tier)

Project Yasuo is coming soon in Wild RiftMost Yasuo mains are going to love this new Project Yasuo skin.

Project Vi (Epic Tier)

Project Vi is coming soon in Wild RiftThe holographic gauntlets of Project Vi look very cool.

Project Zed (Epic Tier)

Project Zed is coming soon in Wild RiftThe red and silver color combinations really give a very threatening vibe in Project Zed.

The skins look fantastic, and their splash arts are beautiful. The Project skin line is a fan-favorite amongst League of Legends (PC) players for a reason, and it looks like Riot Games have managed to maintain the quality of aesthetics in the mobile version of the game as well.

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What are Project Skins?

The skin line started with Project Yasuo and quickly rose to popularity. The devs soon added more batches for different champions, all of which were highly acclaimed by fans due to their cyberpunk theme. 

League of Legends PC’s lore describes the skin line as:
“PROJECT is an ideal fusion of the inner essence of the subject with the latest weaponry and body augmentations. The result of this process can be the ability to fully control one’s essence and release its real power, in rare cases this internal force can take a physical form. It is impossible to predict the results of the experiment because only nine human beings survived this PROJECT.

Perfect self-control and outstanding physical performance are keys that open doors for you to discovering your full potential. Feel the power of the PROJECT, if you dare.”

This likely won’t be the only batch of Project Skins in Wild Rift. As the champion pool grows bigger, we might get to see more of these skins being added in the near future. 


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