5 Mobile Legends Heroes That Don’t Need Fast Hands


5 Mobile Legends Heroes That Don’t Need Fast Hands

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  • There are several heroes in Mobile legends which are easy to play, which is a good place to start for beginners.
  • Burst mage and tanky heroes with utility and a lot of ability effects fit well into this category.
  • Their kits make them easy to carry with and provide a lot of utility in teamfights.

While some players in Mobile Legends might find it hard to control someone like Fanny, there are several heroes that don’t need fast hands to play. These heroes are great for beginners and casual players

Mobile Legends heroes that don't need fast hands


Nana is a mage hero with a good set of area-of-effect, burst, and crowd control skills. She can be played as offensive support since most of her skills deal a lot of damage to enemies. Her unique passive gives her a steady gold income and her large kit is very useful during teamfights. She provides a lot of utility to the rest of the team with her crowd control.  However, her low base stats and mobility make her quite squishy if she’s ambushed by the enemy. 


5 Mobile Legends Heroes That Don’t Need Fast Hands
Uranus is an extremely tanky hero with an ultimate that removes all slows.

Uranus is one of the easiest yet most versatile Mobile Legends heroes that doesn't need fast hands. He is great to carry with at low ranks (below Epic) as he can push on his own thanks to good wave clear or clean up in teamfights with his ultimate. His ultimate Consecration unleashes energy stored within his body to remove slows, regain HP, and a burst of movement speed (60% for eight seconds). 


5 Mobile Legends Heroes That Don’t Need Fast Hands
Hylos is one of the tankiest champions in the game with a lot of AoE damage

Hylos is very tanky with one of the highest health pools and scaling in the game. His Ring Of Punishment ability does a lot of area of effect damage. In addition to this, the Grand Warden’s ultimate kill creates a pathway for 6 seconds that heals him, scaling with his max HP and makes him immune to slows. Allies moving towards the end of the pathway have increased Movement Speed while enemies moving towards the start of the pathway will have their Movement Speed reduced. This buff is great for catching fleeing enemies or backing away from unfavorable team fights. This makes him one of our tank picks for heroes that don’t need fast hands. 

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Cyclops is a burst mage with whom you can spam skills on enemies to reduce your cooldowns. Planets Attack and Star Power Lockdown give him quite a lot of damage, and the crowd control traps enemies for 1-2 seconds. He can easily duel with other champions and dish out a lot of damage. Cyclops has good wave clear and can kite enemies thanks to his second ability. He is at his best in teamfights when he lands his abilities on many enemies grouped together, which keeps refreshing his ability cooldowns. This makes him one of our picks for the easiest mages, among those heroes that don't need fast hands to play. 


Eudora is another burst mage who can deal a lot of damage with her combos. Her first ability, Forked Lightning, has a huge cone radius, making it hard to miss. Her second ability, Electric Arrow, gives her a powerful long-range stun which when used with other abilities will delete enemies from the map. Her passive Superconductor adds to her insane damage so make use of it whenever possible. Eudora can easily dominate in the laning phase. In the mid-game, positioning is key during teamfights. If your stun is on cooldown, you can get caught out quite easily. 

5 Mobile Legends Heroes That Don’t Need Fast Hands
The cone makes it easy to catch multiple enemies

Eudora is perfect for taking out squishy enemies so target the enemy marksmen or assassins rounding out our list of Mobile Legends heroes that don't need fast hands to play. 

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