How To Stop Tilting While Playing Wild Rift

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  • Simply put, tilt is when you are stressed, disappointed or frustrated.
  • If the tilt is coming from inside the house, the first step is to be more aware of it. This will also help you with the second step; Identifying personal tilt triggers.
  • Another tip is to start valuing what you learn in games, over winning them.

Just like its PC counterpart, Wild Rift is a competitive game involving quick decision making,  polished mechanics, and controlled aggression and as with any competitive game, it is very much possible to tilt while playing Wild Rift. In this article, we look at what tilt is, some of its triggers and ways to help 

What Is Tilt?

Simply put, tilt is when you are stressed, disappointed or frustrated. Your brain is hijacked with the ‘fight or flight’ response. This overpowers the centre responsible for logic and reasoning (a.k.a. good decision making). It can make you over-aggressive, misjudge outcomes or make very basic mistakes. It can also cause players to go into auto-pilot as a way to escape the stress of the game. Tilt is usually a response to something outside our control, like a feeding mid laner or an AFK jungler. This can lead to you flaming your teammates or the enemy team, which can bring down the morale for everyone involved. 

The first step in dealing with tilt is identifying your personal triggers. Some common tilt triggers in Wild Rift include first blood, feeding teammates, miscommunication during ganks, bad teamfights and trolls. Tilt can also be internal for players who are hyper-competitive. Missing a hook or some bad positioning in a teamfight can cause you to tilt yourself

Cumulative tilt is also a thing. Tilts adds up game after game and may cause you to be tilted even in champ select. If your mid laner fed and lost lane in your last game and the mid laner in your current game gives first blood, you can end up tilting purely from the last game.  

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How To Stop Tilting In Wild Rift

  • If the tilt is coming from inside the house, the first step is to be more aware of it. This will also help you with the second step; Identifying personal tilt triggers. The more you are aware of your tilt, the easier it will be to get into a ‘carry’ mindset.

  • According to ProGuides Wild Rift League of Legends Mobile Tips, a carry mindset isn’t one where you try to 1v5 the enemy team but where you focus on what is the right step to push objectives and win the match. Should you pick a teamfight and then ping your team to take the dragon that has just spawned or should you push towers and roam to other lanes? It is vital to divert your attention to more important matters like building against a fed enemy top lane.

  • If you end up tilting yourself, it is important not to be too hard on yourself for it. It is a hard thing to learn but try to accept the occasional loss, you just can’t win them all. Try to deviate your attention away from the loss and to what you can learn from the game. Look up guides and videos and see how you could have played your champion better.

  • Another tip is to start valuing what you learn in games, over winning them. This might sound like it defeats the purpose of ranking but you will become a better player over time, which will help you win more ranked matches. According to ProGuides Wild Rift League of Legends Mobile Tips, if the game looks like a loss, don’t be afraid to limit-test. Limit-testing is trying out those high skill plays and combos. Don’t hesitate to try out all the 200 IQ plays you always wanted to try, you never know, a risky play that goes right in late-game might actually win the match for you.

  • Remember to take breaks between exhausting games, if you’re unsure about playing your next ranked game, just don’t. Relax for a bit, do something that de-stresses you.

  • If your teammates are tilting you by being toxic, just mute them. Proper use of pings is good enough to communicate your intentions without having to type. Taking away unnecessary comments from the chat bar will make sure that you’re not constantly distracted by the chat and it takes the source of distress away.

  • Another way to reduce toxicity in-game is by playing with friends or queuing up with players you liked from last game. Building a rapport with your teammates will help you synergize better and in a 5-man game will definitely give you an edge. 

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