Wild Rift Asia Brawl 2020 - Results, Teams, Rosters, Brackets and More Details

Last updated on: 13 Feb 2021, 09:06 AM

15th Jan to 7th Feb 2021$ 200016Asia

Grand Finals

                                                                                 7th February 2021                                                          (BO7)         
OmegaOmega Esports4 - 3Nexplay EsportsNexplay Esports


Wild Rift Asia Brawl 2020 features 16 teams from the Asian region competing for the total prize pool of $2000 USD from Jan 15 to Feb 7.


Group Stage

  • The 16 teams competing in this event are divided into four groups.
  • These matches will be BO3s.
  • The group stage will take place in a round-robin format.
  • The top 2 teams from each group will advance to Playoffs.


  • The  Playoffs will be played in a double-elimination format and all the matches will be BO3s except semifinals and finals.
  • The Semi-finals will be in  BO5 format.
  • The Final will be in BO7 format.

Wild Rift Asia Brawl Playoffs

Prize Pool

Place TeamPrize (USD)
1Omega Esports$ 800
2Nexplay Esports$ 500
3Chakaimook$ 300
416 Bit Gaming$ 200
5Bigetron Infinity$ 100
6Sengoku$ 100


16 Bit Gear Wild RiftBerjaya Dragon MLBBBigetron InfinityLiyab Esports
16 Bit Gear Berjaya DragonsBigetron InfinityLiyab Esports
Victim esportsSengoku GamingNexplaySEA Serpents
Victim esportsSengoku GamingNexplaySEA Serpents
Soul Of SoyOne Snap Esports Wild RiftDR EsportsKiller Gaming
Soul Of SoyOne Snap EsportsDR EsportsKiller Gaming
Chakaimook Wild RiftTeam RebornOmega EsportsTeam Alliance
ChakaimookTeam RebornOmega EsportsAlliance


Sr. NoGroup ASr. No.Group B
1One Snap1Liyab Esports
2BTR Infinity2Sengoku Gaming
3Omega Esports3Berjaya Dragons
4Soul of Soy4Victim esports

Sr. No.Group CSr. No.Group D
1DR Esports1Nexplay Esports
2 Alliance2SEA Serpents
316-Bit Gear3Killer Gaming
4Team Reborn4Chakaimook