War Mania CEO Claims BGMI Might Return Sooner Than Expected

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War Mania CEO Hrishav Bhattacharjee claims BGMI might return sooner than expected, and return as soon as late-December.
Following this, he claimed that the game might get global matchmaking after six to seven months of launch.

Hrishav Bhattacharjee, founder and CEO of War Mania, made some bold claims about Battlegrounds Mobile India's (BGMI) return to the country in a recent Instagram Live session stating that his sources indicate that the game should return by the end of next month. Following this, he also talked about the game’s return trailer and added that global matchmaking may be enabled a few months after its relaunch.

Founder of War Mania reveals the timeline for BGMI’s return

In a previous Instagram live from DreamHack Hyderabad 2022, Bhattacharjee revealed that he met multiple influential personalities from the Indian gaming industry. Later, he claimed that he had received updates from sources that BGMI could return in January or February 2023.

During Bhattacharjee’s recent Instagram live, one of his viewers asked him if there was any update about BGMI’s return. Responding to this, he made a massive claim about the game’s return. “According to the latest updates, the game is returning very soon, even sooner than expected,” he said. Following this, another viewer asked him if fans could expect the game to return at the start of December. Replying to this question, he said, “Not at the start of December, but you guys might get it on 25th December, according to my recent discussions with the sources.”

Bhattacharjee said, “Everyone has considered a limit that everything around the game will return by the first week of February, and esports will resume in March. So, you might get to see it on 25th December or the first or second week of January.”

Bhattacharjee also revealed an expected timeline for the game’s return. He stated that between 25th December 2022 and the first week of February 2023, the game would return in the same condition as it was blocked. “This is the timeline for the game’s return starting on 25th December till the first week of February,” he said. He added, “During this period, you will get to see a lot of things and announcements. You will also get an official announcement from Krafton.”

Another viewer asked him if BGMI’s return will allow global matchmaking, i.e., play with/against players from outside India. Bhattacharjee replied, “We may not get global matchmaking yet, as far as I know.” He added, “However, Krafton will work with the government to meet certain criteria put forward by the government. If it all works, then global matchmaking will return in the next six or seven months after the game’s return.”

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