BGMI Masters Series 2022 - Week 2: Live Coverage


Live Coverage

BGMI Masters Series 2022 - Week 2: Live Coverage (Key Events, Results, Gameplay)

Here is the live coverage of BGMS 2022 - Week 2.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The BGMI Masters Series (BGMS) 2022 featuring a total prize pool of INR 1,50,00,000 ($191,736 USD) has kicked off with 24 of the best teams from across India, taking on each other across four weeks of competition from 24th June to 11th July.

Following the successful completion of its launch week, BGMS 2022 - Week 2 is all set to take place from 27th June to 3rd July, flaunting a prize pool of INR 25,00,000 ($31,934 USD).

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Overall Standings - Week 2 Qualifier

Overall Standings - Week 2 Finals

30 Jun, 07:38 pm

Mavi has no regret about parting ways with Ultron

Team X Spark has not had the best outing this week, somehow managing to qualify for the weekly finals. However, MAVI still seemed optimistic and during the post-match interview confirmed that he has no regrets about letting go of Ultron.

He explained that they had contradictions while playing together as they both liked to move the team around themselves and that Ultron seems to be doing really good right now with 8Bit.

30 Jun, 05:57 pm

Ultron talks about the change in 8Bit's performance this week

8Bit seems to have completely reformed itself, going from finishing in 12th position last week to standing second on the points table this time around. Talking about this change, Ultron said that after analyzing their game they realized that the team's strength was in its teamwork.

Based on this, 8Bit changed its entire gameplay and attempted to execute something different. The plan seems to have worked out brilliantly as they ended up scoring double the points in comparison to last week.

30 Jun, 05:49 pm

Match 12: MadMan bags consecutive MVP awards to conclude the weekly qualifier

MadMan received his second MVP award of the weekly qualifier as he delivered yet another banging performance, carrying forward his momemtum to become the top performer in consecutive matches.

He secured four finishes, four knocks, and five assists to dish out a massive 1315 points of damage, once again doing bulk of the work for his side while making sure that they secured the WWCD this time around.

30 Jun, 05:40 pm

Match 12: 8Bit secures the final WWCD of the weekly qualifier

8Bit delivered back-to-back scintillating performances towards the end of the weekly qualifier, pushing themselves up to the second position on the overall scoreboard with 104 points to its name.

In the final match of the weekly qualifier, 8Bit focussed on taking more team fights, which resulted in a total of 14 finishes and 15 placement points as they attained a total of 29 points.

30 Jun, 05:17 pm

Match 11: MadMan delivers a top notch performance for 8Bit

MadMan delivered a solid performance for 8Bit as he secured a total of eight finishes, three knocks, and an assist, while delivering huge 1029 points of damage. He single handedly secured more than 50% of the finishes for his side, helping them accumulate 21 points in total but sadly they could not finish first.

30 Jun, 05:16 pm

Match 11: Rivalry Esports secures its second WWCD

Rivalry Esports has won its second WWCD of the week, securing a total of 20 points which includes 15 placement points and five finishes. The team played safe in this match, picking their fights very selectively and going for the win as they move up to 12th position on the leaderboard.

30 Jun, 04:08 pm

Match 10: Driger hunts down mercilessly to win the MVP award

Driger was the top player during this match, helping Orangutan on its way to dominate the other teams with seven finishes, five knocks, and two assists, as he dishes out a total of 1019 damage.

30 Jun, 04:03 pm

Match 10: Orangutan methodically wins itself a second WWCD

Orangutan wants to secure the top spot for itself as it claims a second WWCD, tightening its grip around the first-place finish ahead of the weekly finals.

OG on the back of its dominating performance accumulated 31 points in this match, including 15 placement points and 16 finishes, taking its overall tally to a mammoth 131 points.

30 Jun, 03:23 pm

Team SouL's coach speaks about the importance of performing well at BGMS 2022

During the pre-match interview, Amit "Amit" Dubey - Coach of Team SouL, explained that it is important for them to put up a good performance at BGMS 2022 because it acts as a good warmup for his team before competing on an international stage, hinting towards the upcoming PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022.

29 Jun, 06:48 pm

Match 9: AKop walks away with an MVP award

Orangutan concluded the third day with back-to-back stellar performances. In this match AKop was the star player for the side having secured four finishes, three knocks, and an assist while dealing a total of 910 points of damage.

29 Jun, 06:20 pm

Match 9: GodLike ends the day with a WWCD

It has been quite the struggle for this star-studded team, but GodLike has finally secured itself a WWCD, attaining a total of 23 points which includes 15 placement points and eight finishes.

While this was certainly a celebratory moment for GodLike, Orangutan did leave a sour taste in their mouth by ending the match ahead of them in terms of total points (25).

29 Jun, 04:40 pm

Match 8: Aaru wins himself an MVP award

OR Esports might have finished third after a close-fought finisher which involved a single surviving player from four different teams, but it was enough for Aaru to bag himself an MVP award for his efforts. With a total of five finishes, four knocks, and an assist, Aaru was able to do just enough to claim the title, his first this week.

29 Jun, 04:26 pm

Match 8: Orangutan edges past to the finish line

Orangutan secures a really close WWCD, the first for them this week. Ape army found itself in a tense four-way fight during the dying moments of the match, a single surviving player from Chemin Esports, OR Esports, GodLike, and OG fighting for their respective sides.

In the end, it was OG edging past the finish line with 27 points in the bag, including 15 placement points and 12 finishes. Jumping from the fourth position on the leaderboard to claiming the thorne with a total of 75 points.

29 Jun, 03:48 pm

Match 7: EGGY delivers one of the strongest performances so far

EGGY ran away with this match single-handedly, doing everything for his side Enigma Gaming. He dished out an insane 1751 points of damage during the match, securing 10 finishes and 10 knocks to lead his team from the front, winning his second MVP title of the tournament.

29 Jun, 03:41 pm

Match 7: Enigma Gaming dominates to claim its second WWCD

It was brutal domination by Enigma Gaming in the first match of the third day as they claimed a whopping 16 finishes to register a first-place finish, attaining a total of 31 points.

This was Enigma's second WWCD of week two, as they jump from ninth position to lead the points table with a total of 68 points to its name.

29 Jun, 03:04 pm

SHADOW talks about parting ways with TSM FTX India

The controversial player singing involving SHADOW, TSM FTX India, and GodLike Esports had rocked the Indian mobile gaming community recently.

Talking about playing against his former team at the BGMI Masters Series 2022, SHADOW responded by saying, "I do miss playing with them, but our mentality did not match so that is why we had to part ways. That is all I can say."

Further, SHADOW revealed that TSM felt like a change was required after it failed to qualify for BMPS Season 1and as he had a different mentality, the shuffle took place.

29 Jun, 02:57 pm

Week 2, Day 3 starts with half the qualifier matches over

Every BGMI team has now completed half its matches of the week two qualifier stage, OR Esports leading the pack with a total of 51 points. Other teams that have managed to gather more than 40 points are Revenant Esports, Team XO, Blind Esports, and Team SouL.

With four more matches left to be played out, it remains to be seen which 16 teams make it through to the weekly finals.

28 Jun, 05:31 pm

Slayer: "I had taken a bit of a break, but coming back was everything I wanted" 

Rivalry Esports was able to claim a WWCD in the fifth match today, a great achievement for the team that came together barely a week before the tournament.

Talking about his return, Slayer during a post-match interview said that he had taken a bit of a break but returning back was the only thing on his mind. Well, here he is competing in one of the biggest Indian esports tournaments of the year.

28 Jun, 05:23 pm

Nova talks about his comeback to competitive BGMI with Rivalry Esports

In the post-match interview, Nova from Rivalry Esports expressed that he feels great returning to the competitive front. He did not reveal why he had taken a break simply saying that certain personal circumstances had hindered him from competing, but after seeing others compete even he felt like returning back.

28 Jun, 05:15 pm

Match 6: Topdawg dishes out massive 1227 total damage!!!

Revenant Esports might have finished third after getting cornered, but that did not hold back its star player Topdawg from going all out and giving it back to the teams that dared to cross its paths. He might have only taken four finishes, but he also got five knocks and two assists, blowing away the opponents by dishing out 1227 points of damage in total.

28 Jun, 05:07 pm

Match 6: Blind Esports plays smart to get a WWCD

A three-way thriller ensued between Blind Esports, Team X Spark, and Revenant Esports towards the end of the sixth match. While X Spark and Revenant Esports fought it out, Blind secured an advantageous uphill spot for themselves and kept calm to pick out a clean victory.

28 Jun, 04:56 pm

Match 5: Admino claims the MVP for this match

Rivalry Esports was able to get an early advantage in the match and Admino made sure that they were able to successfully convert it into a WWCD, its first this week. Admino was able to claim four finishes, two knocks, and two assists, to claim the MVP award while contributing massively towards the team's win.

28 Jun, 04:41 pm

Match 5: Rivalry Esports wins its first WWCD

A close tussle towards the end of the fifth match but Rivalry Esports delivers with a win after claiming a super early advantage by taking the high ground for themselves.

After securing a comfortable spot, Rivalry did not commit any mistakes and delivered with a clean victory, attaining 23 points in total, including 15 placement points and eight finishes.

28 Jun, 04:31 pm

Match 4: WizzGOD hits hard to claim the MVP award

The young player from Orangutan really had a match to remember. Despite his team finishing third in the match WizzGOD was able to bag the MVP award after having secured six finishes, four knocks, and an assist, to deliver quite the blow and give his team the push required to take a podium finish.

28 Jun, 04:24 pm

Match 4: Team XO becomes first team from Group-C to bag a WWCD

A close fought match between the top two teams, Team XO and Hydra Esports, the former was able to find a good boost towards the end to become the first team from 'Group-C' to win a match in second week.

XO was able to accumulate 27 points in total, including 15 placement points and 12 finishes, as they take the third spot on the overall points table, just two points behind Team SouL.

28 Jun, 03:07 pm

Week 2, Day 2 starts with group A and C looking to catch up

While Group-B plays a single match today, teams from the other two groups will be ready to catch up and cement it's position on the leaderboard. With the weekly qualifier reaching its half-way stage at the end of day's play, which teams do you think will be in the top sixteen?

27 Jun, 06:04 pm

EGGY on how he manages to give calls and focus on his game

Enigma Gaming had a terrific outing today, especially during the second match as they turned things around completely, going from zero points to securing a WWCD.

EGGY had a huge role to play in this and during a post-match interview explained that he does not think too much about giving specific calls or how to go about certain things, he just has fun playing while staying relaxed and goes with the flow.

27 Jun, 05:52 pm

HITMAN talks about the importance of map knowledge

During the post-match interview, HITMAN spoke about how having proper in-depth knowledge about the maps helps them out significantly. He said that it helps them male better decisions during clutch moments, predict where the zone might shift towards and plan ahead accordingly. This especially comes in handy when contending for the top three spots.

27 Jun, 05:43 pm

Match 3: Attanki rolls up his sleeves to get the job done

The star figure of OR Esports, Attanki, rolled up his sleeves to dish out massive 972 points of damage to his opponents, resulting in five finishes, knocks, and assists for the side. Not only did he win the MVP award for the match but also helped OR place on top of the leaderboard having accumulated a total of 51 points.

27 Jun, 05:10 pm

Match 3: OR Esports secures its first WWCD of the week

OR Esports has struck gold in the third match on Sanhok, continuing its winning momentum from the opening week of the tournament where they finished fifth overall on the leaderboard.

With Attanki leading the charge for his side, OR was able to secure a total of 30 points, including 15 placement points and 15 finishes, shifting gears towards the second half of the match to rack up extra finishes at a lightning fast pace.

27 Jun, 05:01 pm

Match 2: EGGY shines bright for Enigma Gaming

The star player for the side, EGGY, looked in great shape on Miramar with six finishes to his name, dishing out a total of 979 damage and healing for a total of 282 health points.

Shaking off the weariness from the first match, EGGY reset himself mentally to carry his team to a fantastic WWCD, leading from the front as he secured more than 50% finishes for the side.

27 Jun, 04:56 pm

Match 2: Enigma Gaming jumps 13 places on the points table

After a crash and burn on the first match, Enigma Gaming completely turned things around for themselves by securing a WWCD on Miramar, jumping 13 places from 16th to 3rd on the leaderboard.

EGGY played a huge hand in helping Enigma accumulate a total of 26 points, 15 placement points along with 11 finishes, crushing rest of the competition on the map and swinging back hard after the early collapse.

27 Jun, 04:24 pm

Match 1: K47 and AkshaT showcase their firing skills

FS Esports were tied in a race with Team SouL for most part when it came to having the most finishes in the opening match of the second week, ending with one finish more than the latter - 11 to 10.

The star assault players for the two sides were K47 and AkshaT, both the players ending with six finishes each to showcase sublime rifling skills and currently lead the list of top fraggers for the week.

27 Jun, 04:02 pm

Match 1: FS Esports puts up an early win on the board

The first match of the second week has concluded with FS Esports dominating through and through to secure a perfect WWCD. Both K47 and CluTch played their hearts out to help FS accumulate a total of 26 points to its name, 15 placement points and 11 finishes.

Despite going up against the group of death - 'Group B', it was certainly a surprise to see FS Esports from 'Group A' run away with a victory on the back of such an amazing gameplay.

27 Jun, 03:18 pm

The second week of BGMS 2022 kicks off  

With Skylightz Gaming having topped the leaderboard to conclude the first week of BGMS 2022, the second week has started with all the teams being regrouped and a slightly changed format.

The 24 teams have been once again divided into three groups of eight teams each, all set to take on each other in the weekly qualifier and the top 16 teams moving ahead to the weekly finals scheduled to take place across the coming weekend.

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