The Challenges and Opportunities of Building Esports Cities

The rise of global gaming hubs and the factors that make them thrive

Michael Hassall
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Challenges and Opportunities of Building Esports Cities</p></div>
The Challenges and Opportunities of Building Esports Cities


AFK Gaming

What exactly is an “Esports City”? And why are dozens of cities around the world vying for this title? As esports has grown, locations across the globe have flirted with this and similar terms like Esports Hub and even Esports Mecca.

But why? Beyond the anticipated financial gains, what has driven cities in the past to become esports hubs? What creates a culture where esports can thrive? And will artificially building these cities, and telling people they’re esports destinations even work? These questions demand answers.

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