Asia's Mobile Legends Esports Faces a Critical Match Fixing Dilemma

Addressing the challenges of betting, corruption, and player vulnerability in the esports world.

John Dave Rossel
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>The Shadow Over Esports: Confronting the Match-Fixing Crisis</p></div>
The Shadow Over Esports: Confronting the Match-Fixing Crisis


AFK Gaming

“I’ve been in esports since 2008 with Mineski. When you’re going through a lot of tough times, it’s really hard to earn money. Suddenly, giving away first blood for 100k sounds like a sweet deal.”

This concern voiced by Julius Mariano, the founder of Minana Esports (one of the franchise teams in MPL Philippines), rings true across the esports industry. 

Earlier this year, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports scene was rocked by a major match-fixing incident that concluded with multiple players receiving suspensions. Despite the initial media coverage and public outcry, the story has largely faded from the headlines. These suspensions highlight a broader issue within the MLBB competitive scene, where the temptation of match-fixing appears to be a growing threat that requires urgent attention from league organizers and the game’s publisher, Moonton.

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