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Bountee Esports Player Dominus Banned for Attempted Match Fixing in MPL MY Season 13

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MPL MY penalized Bountee Esports player Dominus for attempted match-fixing.
Dominus is banned from participating in any official Moonton-endorsed tournaments for a year.
MPL MY concluded that Bountee Esports did not violate any rules or regulations within the league, absolving the organization of any wrongdoing in the match-fixing controversy.

Amidst the match-fixing issue surrounding Bountee Esports in the Mobile Legends Professional League Malaysia (MPL MY) Season 12, a final verdict has been announced by the committee. After a thorough investigation, the league has penalized Nik "Dominus" Muhyyiddin for attempting to bribe two of his teammates to throw a match. 

The official statement from MPL MY also revealed that the investigation showed that the Bountee Esports organization did not commit any violation. The team also promised to cooperate with the league in strengthening its integrity measures and ensuring fair play within the esports community.

MPL MY Season 12 committee announces final verdict about match-fixing issues

After days of investigation, the MPL MY officially announced the culprit behind the attempted match-fixing issue.

“Nik "Dominus" Muhyyiddin attempted to engage in match-fixing and offered financial incentives to two Bountee Esports players to throw a match. These are serious violations of integrity and professionalism,” the post stated.

According to MPL MY, Dominus violated Rule 12.2.14 of the official league rulebook that states "No Team Member may offer, agree, conspired, or attempt to influence the outcome of a Game or Match by any means that are prohibited by law or these Rules."

MPL MY Season 12 committee announced final verdict about match-fixing issues

Due to this, the league banned Dominus from any official Moonton-endorsed esports events. This means the pro player will not be able to participate in any MPL tournaments locally and internationally.

The investigation also led to the conclusion that Bountee Esports was not aware of this attempted match-fixing and will not be penalized.

“Bountee Esports was not found to have committed any infractions. However, the team has committed to strengthening its operations and management in cooperation with the league,” MPL MY wrote.

MPL MY ended its statement by stating it shall double down on monitoring the ongoing league and ensure incidents like match-fixing and other unfair actions are promptly addressed and dealt with according to the established rules and regulations.

“Moving forward, the league will redouble our efforts on team engagements to ensure that the players are thoroughly cared for, and increase education on good practices and values for teams to foster safe, healthy, and respectful sporting environments for their members. The well-being of each and every participant in MPL Malaysia matters,” the post captioned.

As MPL MY reaffirms its steadfast commitment to upholding standards, Malaysia's designation as the host for the upcoming M6 World Championship accentuates the nation's pivotal role. This prestigious event stands as the zenith of Mobile Legends esports, drawing together the finest talents from across the globe to vie for the coveted championship title of the year.

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