Roblox Swearing Update Finally Allows Players to Use Explicit Language


Roblox Swearing Update Finally Allows Players to Use Explicit Language

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Roblox now brings relaxed text and chat filters that will allow its mature audience to use profanity on 17+ Experiences.
Players must abide by the studio’s policy which strongly goes against using profanity with the intent to harass or bully other users.
Although creators can enable these relaxed text and chat filters, they must still make sure that their public-facing promotional materials are age-appropriate for all Roblox users.

We all know that Roblox has predominantly been a game with the majority of its audience being under the age of 18. Considering the safety of its players, the creative sandbox title has always had strict rules when it came to using foul language. However, in a recent blog post made on its developer forums, the studio announced that it softened some of its guidelines to provide age-appropriate experiences and communication for its users. This has filled numerous adult gamers with excitement as they can now finally swear in their games, although it does come with its own limitations. Let’s delve into Roblox’s Swearing Update.

Roblox’s Swearing Update Has Relaxed Its Chat Filters for 17+ Experiences

Roblox previously prohibited the use of swear words in both the text and voice-based chat that existed in its games. The platform completely disregarded the use of any strong language as it was seen as vulgar and obscene, which ultimately went against their community guidelines as well. 

While this strategy did provide its younger users with safety, it was also criticized by many of its mature audience as it did not cater to them in any way and was seen as a restriction on the game’s true potential as there was no space to express oneself with profanity. The blog post finally acknowledges their concerns and now provides an option to relax their text filters for 17+ experiences along with removing the possibility of any ban or penalties that might incur on their account.

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However, this does not mean that any and all swearing is accepted. Players must still abide by the community’s guidelines which strictly go against harassment, discrimination, violence, threats, and sexual content. This means that if any player is found using profanity with ill intent to other players, they will still face the consequences of their actions. The devs have also reassured us that they will do their best to make sure their revised text filters prevent such harmful communication.

Although the creators of these 17+ Experiences can enable this revised text or voice filter for their games, they must ensure that any public-facing promotional content still remains appropriate to all Roblox players. Enabling this filter in their games requires the creator to be ID-verified and also be above the age of 17. 

While several players are excited to finally experience the world of Roblox without having to filter themselves, the game is yet to support 17+ assets, which means you will not be able to upload images or audio files depicting strong language. However, as we continue to see a rise in 17+ experiences after the Roblox Swearing update, we can expect this feature to be present in the game very soon.

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