Where Can You Get Sulphur in Palworld? Best Locations


Where Can You Get Sulphur in Palworld? Best Locations

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Sulphur is a rare resource in Palworld and it is a key ingredient in making Gunpowder for all of your ammunition.
While this rare mineral is reported to be found in the desert, you can also find them near Volcanos, Dungeons and even in some Snow biomes.

The immersive biomes of Palworld contain numerous resources that players can farm and cultivate. The game comprises various materials, each serving its own purpose such as helping you build structures, upgrading existing buildings, upgrading your tools, crafting new weapons, etc. One such crucial resource is Sulphur, which is mainly used to make gunpowder, allowing you to create an abundance of ammo to deal with hostile creatures, soldiers, and more. Without further ado, here’s how you can obtain Sulphur in Palworld.

The Best Locations to Mine Sulphur in Palworld

Although Sulphur is not easily available when compared to Coal and Ores, it can still be found in certain biomes of Palworld. Although this mined mineral can be obtained just by punching, it takes a ridiculously long time to obtain the Suplhur chunks so we highly recommend you carry a metal pickaxe or better to efficiently harvest it. You will need 15 Stone, 20 Wood, and 5 Ingot to craft one.

metal pickaxe

While Sulphur is typically found near Volcanos, Deserts, and in some Dungeons, you will still have to scour through these areas to find them. Most players have reported that the desert offers the highest sulphur deposits but make sure to bring armour that offers heat protection as the biome will be scorching hot. You can also take Cattiva or Broncherry Pals on your ventures to increase your carrying capacity.

Apart from the general regions, we also have specific coordinates to mine these yellow rock formations. The first location is the Cave next to the Plateau of Beginnings (coordinates 267, -541).  It usually spawns an abundance of Ore along with fewer quantities of Sulphur that will be sufficient in the beginning.

However, what most people do not notice is that it can also be found in some Snow biomes. YouTuber shyce WIKI has located three different areas near the snow where you can find this mineral. Here are the coordinates:

  • 221, 26

  • 316, -27

  • 376, -15

Thanks to the fact that Palworld is not procedurally generated, you can revisit these areas to mine more Sulphur.


If you are in the late game stage, you can also visit the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Tower Fast Travel point (coordinates -593, -509). Once you spawn on top of the tower, jump towards the direction of the lava and glide down to land. Here, you will find an abundance of Sulphur nodes and you are sure to find at least 6 of them. You will also find another fast travel point next to them, which eliminates the need to jump down from the tower.

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