Want to Wear Bunny Ears in Palworld? Get This Long-Eared Headband Schematic!


Want to Wear Bunny Ears in Palworld? Get This Long-Eared Headband Schematic!

Surya Kumar
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Getting the bunny ears headband requires you to purchase the Long-Eared Headband Schematic 1 for 500 Gold.
Once you purchase the blueprint, it can be crafted on a workbench using x12 Cloth and x2 Ingot.

Apart from its emphasis on survival and befriending various Pals, Palworld also allows for detailed customization of your avatar, thanks to a colossal amount of items present in the game. Apart from flaunting your distinct style, these accessories also provide a level of protection against various elements of the Palpagos Islands. 

While the game has numerous clothing options in the form of Helmets, Outfits, and Armor, you can also wear stylish Hats that provide both form and function. One such item is the Long-Eared Headband, allowing you to adorn your character with cute bunny ears. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out how to acquire it.

Where Can You Get the Long-Eared Headband in Palworld?

Similar to many items in Palworld, getting the Long-Eared Headband also requires access to its schematics. While it is possible to get the headband’s blueprints from chests, more often than not, you will only find other resources or Weapon and Armor crafting recipes instead of such accessories.


The definite way of obtaining the Long-Eared Headband Schematic 1 is by purchasing it from the Wandering Merchant who ironically seems to remain seated at the Small Settlement fast travel point (coordinates 74, -482). If you’ve never been there, it is located to the west of the Plateau of Beginnings, right beneath a Hillside Cavern. You can purchase it for 500 Gold and once you do, head back to any of your bases to craft it.


Thankfully, you only need a Primitive Workbench to create the headband, although you need to gather certain materials before you can make it. These are:

  • x12 Cloth 

  • X2 Ingot 

Although Cloth can be unlocked pretty early at Tech Tree level 3, you need at least a Primitive Furnace to smelt Ingots which is available only at level 10. Cloth can be crafted from Wool obtained through Lamball or Cremis while Ingots require Ores that can be mined from dark, copper-like boulders using any Pickaxe. Remember that you need a Fire-type Pal with Kindling ability to operate the furnace.

other schematics

After this, all you need to do is craft the Long-Eared Headband from the workbench to flaunt your bunny ears to other players. Surprisingly, they also offer 60HP and 20 Defense stats making them worthy to acquire.

Additionally, you can also purchase numerous other hats from Wandering Merchants for 500 Gold each. These are:

  • Witch Hat Schematic

  • Farming Hat Schematic

  • Bowler Hat Schematic

  • Tocotoco Cap Schematic

  • Gumoss Cap Schematic

  • Penking Cap Schematic

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