Pokemon Has Already Been Modded Into Palworld: Everything You Need to Know!


Pokemon Has Already Been Modded Into Palworld: Everything You Need to Know!

Surya Kumar
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YouTuber ToastedShoes has developed a Pokemon mod for Palworld, just three days after its release, taking the gaming community by storm!
Do note that this Pokemon mod has not yet been released and it is unsure whether it will come to fruition.

In Palworld, players are greeted with an immersive open world filled with creatures known as Pals that have a striking similarity to the well-known Pokemon franchise. The game also has numerous mechanics that are inspired by Nintendo’s action-adventure RPG, so considering all of this, it is no surprise that a Pokemon mod was expected to come soon. What shocked the gaming community was the fact that it was developed just 3 days after the game went live on Steam and it brings several protagonists from the franchise, all wielding guns with Pikachu even working as a miner! Let’s jump right in and take a look at this captivating mod!

Palworld’s Pokemon Mod Features Misty Wielding Guns

On 22nd January, YouTuber ToastedShoes posted a short clip on X showcasing this impressive mod that incorporates numerous elements from Pokemon into Palworld’s Unreal Engine 5 game engine. The creator claims that it is a complete overhaul of Pocket Pair’s game, and from the looks of it, it mostly stands true!

As you can see, this mod showcases several Pokemon such as Pikachu, Torterra, Hoothoot, Sawsbuck, etc. Apart from these creatures, it also brings main characters such as Ash Ketchum, Brock, and even Misty, who is seen flaunting a pump-action shotgun in her hands. Furthermore, it supposedly features enticing boss fights with the first boss being Team Rocket’s villain Jesse with an Electrabuzz. 

By the end of the short clip, ToastedShoes states that the full video showcasing this exciting mod pack will go live on his channel tomorrow so check it out if you are interested. Although Palworld currently does not have mod support, what this creator achieved is certainly a monumental feat. ToastedShoes seems like he is no stranger to modding, featuring several other mods on his channel with some of his recent ones exhibiting fictional characters from Dreamworks, Pixar, and Disney into Warner Bros’ Mortal Kombat 1. 

While there is no active mod support from Palworld’s devs, they did mention in a Steam FAQ that they do have plans to add it, presumably after the full release of the game. However, several concerns arose as to whether this mod will come to fruition, considering the fact that Nintendo has gone after several creators in the past for using their game properties, even filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against RomUniverse. So even if this Pokemon mod goes public, it is highly likely that Nintendo will take it down immediately. 

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