Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up? Here’s How You Can Fix It!


Palworld Polymer Not Showing Up? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

Surya Kumar
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Polymer is an important resource in Palworld allowing players to craft items like weapons, explosives, and more.
This guide will provide you with three different methods to resolve an issue where Polymer simply doesn’t show up when you are trying to craft it.

In Palworld, players can build various structures by gathering resources spread across the game’s huge open world. One such material is Polymer which is used to craft numerous high-tier equipment such as guns, explosives, circuits, etc. Unfortunately, many players are experiencing an issue where this material is simply not showing up when they are trying to craft it. Understandably, this has frustrated many gamers whose progress has been hindered. Without further ado, here are all the methods you can attempt to resolve this problem.

How to Fix Polymer Not Showing Up in Palworld?

Here are all the different ways you can attempt to resolve this issue in Palworld:

Make Sure You Meet All the Requirements for Polymer

The schematics for Polymer show up when you reach Technology Level 33 and it must be unlocked using Technology points. Once available, you will find it in the “Production Assembly Line 1” menu.

Apart from this, you will also need High-Quality Pal Oil, which is the only resource needed to craft Polymer. You can acquire this by hunting down Pals such as:

  • Mammonrest

  • Digtoise

  • Dumud

  • Mossanda

  • Kingpaca

  • Wumpo

  • Blazamut

You can also purchase the oil from Wandering Merchants for 300 Gold each.

Disassemble the Production Assembly Line and Rebuild it

Many players also reported that the Production Assembly Line bugging out was the reason behind Polymer not showing up in their games. They mentioned that the issue was resolved after disassembling this structure and rebuilding it. This can be done by heading into the Build Menu and simply selecting the Disassembly Mode which will now allow you to take down various structures that you’ve built in the game.

Make Sure You Use the Right Production Assembly Line

If disassembling the Assembly Line did not work for you, chances are you are attempting to craft Polymer using the wrong assembly line. Some Reddit threads and Steam Community forums mentioned that the game apparently has two different benches called “Production Assembly Line 2”. This might very well be a bug that will be addressed soon based on Palworld’s roadmap.

The first one unlocks at level 32 and it can be used to make Carbon Fiber, Circuit Boards, and Polymers, so this is the one you are looking for. If this does not work for you, you can also attempt to make Polymer at the first Production Assembly Line.  Do note that running any of these Production Assembly Lines requires a Power Generator and an electric-type Pal like Sparkit.

Those are all the ways you can attempt to resolve this issue in Palworld. You must also make sure that you have Pals with the Handiwork Suitability to craft items like Polymer and Circuit Boards.

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