Palworld Is Getting New Pals, Weapons, and Island With the Upcoming Summer Update;



Palworld Is Getting New Pals, Weapons, and Island With the Upcoming Summer Update

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Palworld's upcoming summer update is set to be the game's first major content update, bringing tons of new things to the game.
In a brand-new trailer revealed at ID@Xbox Showcase, Pocketpair revealed new Pals, weapons, and island for Palworld.

There’s no doubt that Palworld has become a significant hit for Pocketpair Games since its release, and the developers are still looking to keep building off their quick success. We’ve already been given an early roadmap and a look at the upcoming PvP arena. However, it seems like the Pocketpair has more plans for the game. The developers have pulled back the curtains on the upcoming update for Palworld, which is all set to feature four new pals, an island, and weapons. Let’s take a look at everything we know about the upcoming Palworld summer update.

Pocketpair Reveals New Pals, Weapons, and Island For Palworld

During the ID@Xbox Showcase, Pocketpair presented a brand-new one-minute trailer that covered what players can expect from the upcoming summer update for Palworld. 

In the trailer, after introducing the audience to the default character walking through the cherry blossoms, it cuts away to feature some new Pals. Although we still don’t have a name for these Pals, we can describe them from the trailer. The first Pal seems to be a Karate Frog, and the second one is a Turkey-Ostrich hybrid. The third Pal resembles a Dinosaur with a mushroom cap, and the fourth is a Floating Dog. These are just some of the few Pals coming in the update; we’re going to get a lot more of them once the update finally launches.

The upcoming summer update for Palworld will also bring two new powerful weapons to the game. We’ll get a flamethrower, which is likely going to deal damage over time. The second weapon, a modern rifle, that shoots laser rounds also looks to be incredibly lethal, and could change the way combat dynamics work in the game. The trailer also gives a glimpse at a new Island, which is clearly inspired by the incredible beauty of Japan, with Torii Gates, cherry blossom trees, and a shrine. 

When is Palworld Summer Update Releasing?

Although we don’t have an official release date, the trailer revealed during the ID@Xbox 2024 Showcase teased Summer 2024 as the release window. While the PvP arena wasn’t featured in the latest Summer update reveal trailer, Pocketpair has already confirmed that the update will arrive with it. 

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