Will FaZe Clan Rise to Glory Again? Banks Begins FaZe "Reboot" With Layoffs and Team Changes


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Will FaZe Clan Rise to Glory Again? Banks Begins FaZe "Reboot" With Layoffs and Team Changes

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FaZe clan is making significant changes and going through another round of layoffs after its acquisition by GameSqaure.
FaZe CEO Richard "Banks" Bengston aims to reboot the entire gaming organization and make things they were during the glory days.

It's a known fact that the last couple of years haven't been kind to the FaZe Clan. From plummeting stock prices to multiple rounds of layoffs and recent exits from Rocket League and Valorant Esports, FaZe's future was increasingly becoming unclear. However, it looks like there still might be hope. Earlier this year, Richard "Banks" Bengston took control of the FaZe clan. This was after GameSquare acquired the gaming organization last year. As promised by Banks, the "reboot" for the FaZe clan has begun, with the firing of a wide range of creators, streamers, and employees.

Banks Fires FaZe Clan Members and Begins “Reboot”

As FaZe's current CEO, Banks has taken it upon himself to completely "reboot" the FaZe clan. Initially, he went silent after taking over the social media handles in March. Still, he had promised that he'd change the organization's operating structure and focus more on gaming and Esports. One of the first things Banks has done to “reboot” Faze is to kick out some long-term members of the organization and reduce the number of content creators to just 14. Many of the clan members haven't taken this lightly and lashed out against the leadership of the FaZe clan. However, Banks has addressed the situation on X and admitted that he doesn't mind being the "bad guy."

According to Banks, one of the major problems in the FaZe clan is that everyone has a different vision for the organization's future. It's crucial for FaZe to have members who represent the organization in the way it aims to be represented. Banks also states that the FaZe has been "all over the place," with some creators acting for their personal greed. By reducing members and overhauling the organization, Banks aims to bring the FaZe clan back to its glory days. 

That's not all; Banks also posted on the FaZe Clan's official X account and debuted the new logo and a clip of the termination of old members. 

Right after posting the clip, Banks also revealed the members who're currently a part of the FaZe Clan - 

  • Adapt

  • Apex

  • Banks

  • Jev

  • Kaysan

  • Nick Mercs

  • Replays

  • Ronaldo

  • Rug

  • Scope

  • Swagg

  • Temperrr

  • Your Rage

  • Zooma

  • Fakie

FaZe also welcomed PlaqueBoyMax to the organization. One of the insiders also suggests that FaZe will soon announce a new content house consisting of Kaysan, PlaqueBoyMax, YourRage, and Silky. It's quite an aggressive restructuring process by FaZe Banks, but he believes that it's needed to bring back FaZe. Here's a list of members who've been kicked from the clan -

  • Blaze

  • Booya

  • CBass

  • Cizzorz

  • Faxuty

  • Flea

  • H1ghSky1

  • Kalei

  • Nate Hill

  • Nio

  • Proze

  • Santana

  • Sway

  • Testy 

It's unclear how Banks will proceed from here, but the entire aggressive restructuring process is based on returning to where the FaZe clan was initially. 

Changes For FaZe Clan's ESports Operations

In a separate X Post, the official FaZe Esports handle also revealed the organization's future plans for competitive operations. The gaming organization's Esports division will now hold 12 teams for the following titles - 

  • Apex Legends

  • Call of Duty

  • Counter-Strike

  • ESL R1

  • FIFA Online 4

  • Fortnite

  • Halo

  • PUBG

  • PUBG Mobile

  • Rainbow Six Siege

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


As the list excludes both Rocket League and Valorant, it's a clear sign that FaZe Clan under Banks doesn't have any intentions of returning to either of the games in the near future. 

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