Palworld Guide: How to Farm Fiber and What Are Its Uses?


Palworld Guide: How to Farm Fiber and What Are Its Uses?

Surya Kumar
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Fiber is a common material in Palworld, used in making a colossal number of items such as Pal Saddles, Beds, Desks, Cabinets, Feeding Bags, Weapons, etc.
This guide will help you farm huge quantities of Fiber along with teaching you how to automate the entire process.

The massive biomes of the Palpagos Islands encompass numerous resources, essential for the survival of you and your Pals. As players begin chopping down more wood for their base, they will also obtain Fiber, a common resource with several uses extending to the end-game stages. Although you will only need small quantities of Fiber at the start, it is crucial to know how to farm an abundance of this resource, as you will require more of them as you progress into the mid-game phase. Without further ado, here’s how you can acquire plenty of Fiber as well as all its use cases in Palworld. 

How to Farm Fiber in Palworld?

As you already know, Fiber can be obtained in small quantities while you are chopping down trees for Wood. Although this would be enough to build early-game items like Shoddy Bed, Straw Pal Bed, Ranch, etc., you will require large quantities of this resource to craft various other structures and items for both you and your Pals.

Thankfully, the game provides you with a building called the Crusher, which unlocks at Technology Tree level 8 and requires the following resources to be constructed:

  • X50 Wood

  • X20 Stone

  • X10 Paldium Fragments


While Wood and Stone can be acquired from trees and smashing boulders, Paldium Fragments can be obtained by breaking down Blue Paldium Nodes often found near Rivers and other water bodies around the Palpagos Islands. After collecting the required materials and building the Crusher, you need to assign a Pal with Watering suitability to operate it. These would be Penking, Pengullet, Relaxaurus, Surfent, Fuack, Dumud, Celery, etc. You can also automate the entire process by using Lumbering and Transporting Pals in tandem with the aforementioned Watering Pals. These are:

  • Wumpo

  • Wumpo Botan

  • Tanzee

  • Bushi

  • Mossanda

  • Gorirat

  • Elizabee

  • Lifmunk

Additionally, you can also obtain Fiber as drops from Pals like Hoocrates, Hangyu, and Hangyu Cryst. Hangyu can only be found in the Dessicated Desert and the sand biome holding the Anubis statue while Hangyu Cryst is found in the Astral Mountains at night. Hoocrates is the most easily farmable Pal as it is found in abundance in the entire southeastern region of the Palpagos Islands, right from the Plateau of Beginnings spawn point. Keep in mind that Hoocrates is also a nocturnal being, which means it can only be hunted down at night.

What Are the Uses of Fiber in Palworld?

As mentioned before, Fiber is a common yet crucial resource used to craft a humongous number of items in the game. Here are some of the notable ones:

  • Antique Cabinet

  • Antique Desk Set

  • Antique Storage Cabinet Set

  • Houseplant Set

  • Piano Furniture Set

  • Daedream’s Necklace

  • Breeding Farm

  • Graduation Cap

  • Legendary Feathered Hair Band

  • Common Shield

  • Soft Hat

  • Giga Grappling Gun

  • Legendary Old Bow

  • Ice Grenade

  • Makeshift Handgun

  • Shock Grenade

  • Poison Bow

  • Training Dummy

  • Repair Kit

  • Silo

  • Large Pal Bed

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