Palworld Guide: Here’s How You Can Unlock and Craft Guns



Palworld Guide: Here’s How You Can Unlock and Craft Guns

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There are many guns available for players to use in Palworld, and it's crucial to have access to all these weapons.
Are you wondering how to unlock and craft Guns in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you get weapons.

The world of Palworld is exciting as it combines the playfulness of Pokemon with gunplay of titles like Call of Duty. The title has you looking for all kinds of monsters to capture and use as your army while crafting various items to survive and eliminate opponents. For all these tasks, you’re going to need guns and a lot of them. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can unlock and craft Guns in Palworld to wipe out your enemies. 

How to Get Guns in Palworld?

Guns become available at Level 20 with the Weapon Workbench unlock. You need to construct it to start crafting guns and ammo for your personal arsenal. Here are the materials required to craft Weapon Workbench – 

  • x15 Ingot

  • x50 Wood

  • x10 Nail

Once crafted, you can unlock new firearms to add to your collection. After you purchase them on the Technology menu, you’ll need to place each recipe in the Weapon Workbench. Then, it’s just a simple case of crafting the weapon you like and adding it to your inventory. 

All Guns in Palworld

You can unlock more guns and ammo recipes as you level up in Palworld. Here’s a complete list of all the guns available in Palworld - 

  • Musket: x25 Iron Ingots, x5 High-Quality Pal Oil, x30 Wood 

  • Handmade Handgun: x35 Iron Ingots, x10 High-Quality Pal Oil, x30 Fiber

  • Handgun: x50 Iron Ingot, x15 High-Quality Pal Oil 

  • Bolt Action Rifle: x20 Refined Ingots, x5 Polymer 

  • Double Barrel Shotgun: x30 Refined Ingots, x7 Polymer

  • Pump Action Shotgun: x30 Refined Ingots, x20 Polymer, x40 Carbon Fiber

  • Carbon Fiber Assault Rifle: x40 Refined Ingots, x10 Polymer, x30 Carbon Fiber 

  • Rocket Launcher: x75 Pal Metal Ingots, x30 Polymer, x50 Carbon Fiber

Can You Give Guns to Pals in Palworld?

While you can’t craft a weapon directly and give it to one of your Pals as a held item, some Pals have a special move that mimics guns. The earliest firearm-wielding monster you can unlock is the Lifmunk. 

Palworld Guide: Here’s How You Can Unlock and Craft Guns


You first need to capture a Lifmunk and then unlock its ability at Level 11 by crafting the gear piece. This allows the Lifmunk’s special Recoil skill to deliver rounds of SMG fire. Various other Pals also have projective attacks when equipped with specific crafted items. You can experiment with gear and skills to develop multiple uniquely armed battle companions. 

That’s everything you need to know about Guns in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can catch Blazamut in Palworld

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