Palworld Guide: Here's How You Can Get Flame Organs


Palworld Guide: Here's How You Can Get Flame Organs

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Flame Organ is one of the most essential items in Palworld. It can be used to craft heat-resistant armor and other items.
How do you get Flame Organs in Palworld? Here's a guide to help you obtain this useful material.

There's no doubt Palworld is one of the biggest surprises of 2024. This survival-crafting masterpiece keeps you busy as you catch Legendary Pals, gather resources, and craft a lot of recipes. It's one of the best games to pick up if you're into the monster-catching and open-world survival genre!

One of the most useful materials in Palworld is the Flame Organ. This material has a wide range of uses, from weapons to armor sets. In this guide, we'll look at how you get Flame Organs and use them in Palworld. 

Palworld: What are Flame Organs?

Flame Organs are materials that you can obtain from defeating Fire-type Pals. Their fiery essence allows you to craft various equipment connected with pyromancy abilities, such as heat protection suits and fire arrows. 

Catch or Eliminate Fire Pals

Catching or killing Fire-type Pals is the most direct approach to getting Flame Organs. You should target Pals such as Flambelle, Foxparks, Blazamut, or Pyrin. While not guaranteed, these Pals have a high chance of dropping Flame Organ when defeated. 

Here's a complete list of Pals that drop Flame Organs - 

  1. Arsox

  2. Blazamut

  3. Blazehowl

  4. Blazehowl Noct

  5. Faleris

  6. Flambelle

  7. Foxparks

  8. Gobfin Ignis

  9. Jormuntide Ignis

  10. Kelpsea Ignis

  11. Kitsun

  12. Leezpunk Ignis

  13. Pyrin

  14. Pyrin Noct

  15. Ragnahawk

  16. Reptyro

  17. Rooby

  18. Suzaku

  19. Wixen

Butcher Your Pals

You can butcher your new Pal if you've caught a Fire-type but need more Flame Organs. You'll need to research the Meat Cleaver in your technology tree. After you've unlocked its recipe, you need to craft it. Once you've crafted it, equip it, and put the Fire-type Pal you want to butcher in your party. Pull them out and open the command wheel. You'll be able to see the option to butcher it at the top of the wheel. After you've butchered your Pal, you'll get Flame Organs.

Purchase From a Merchant

You can buy Flame Organs from merchants in Palworld's settlements. The Wandering Merchant's stock is randomized, but fixed vendors like the Small Village trader will sell you each piece of Flame Organ for 100 coins. If you're running short of coins, you can always capture and sell humans in Palworld.

Palworld: How to Use Flame Organs?

Flame Organs are a robust material in Palworld that can be used to craft certain armor, weapons, and technologies. Here's a complete list of everything you can craft with Flame Organs:

That's everything you need to know to get Flame Organs in Palworld. For more guides, check out how you can catch Jormuntide Ignis in Palworld.

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