Here's How You Can Quickly Catch and Sell Humans for a Profit in Palworld


Here's How You Can Quickly Catch and Sell Humans for a Profit in Palworld

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Palworld is a game described as 'Pokémon with guns' but players can also catch and sell Human NPCs in the game.
Wondering how you can catch and sell Humans for a profit in Palworld? Here’s everything you need to know.

Palworld is an incredible Sandbox survival game influenced by many beloved games. The world of Palworld is full of unique creatures that the game calls' Pals,' which have different abilities, traits, and characteristics. 

Despite being designed as a game to catch and use Pals, you can also use your skills to catch an extremely controversial prey: Humans. In this article, we'll take a look at how you catch Humans in Palworld and sell them for a profit. 

How to Capture Humans in Palworld?

The vibrant world of Palworld allows you to catch Pals, but you can turn the tables and capture human NPCs using Pal spheres. Here's how you catch a human in Palworld – 

  1. Locate a Human NPC and engage with them in combat to lower their health. You can bring down their health using weapons such as traps and Pals.

  2. Bring down the Human NPC's health as low as possible to increase your catch rate.

  3. Once you've lowered the NPC's health, throw a Pal Sphere to catch them.

  4. If the Human NPC breaks free, engage them in a battle again to weaken again before you throw another sphere. 

Here's How You Can Quickly Catch and Sell Humans for a Profit in Palworld

The chances of catching a Human with a Pal Sphere are quite low, especially if the level of the Human NPC you're trying to catch is high. To increase your capture rate, use a Green or Purple-colored Pal Sphere. It's worth remembering that Humans lack specialized skills like Pals and are considered weaker assets in the game. 

How Can You Use Captured Humans in Palworld?

After you've captured a Human NPC with a Pal Sphere, they become just like any other Pal you have. You can add them to your party and summon them to fight enemies, assign them to base, and even sell them for a profit.

That's not all; you can even butcher the human NPC by equipping yourself with a Butchering Knife and choosing the Butcher Option when you're near a captured Human NPC. 

How Can You Sell Humans in Palworld?

While you can make use of your captured Humans as party members or base workers, you can also sell them to Merchants for Gold coins. It's quite simple to sell Humans in Palworld; all you need to do is go to a merchant like Black Marketeer or Small Settlement Pal Merchant and choose the Human you would like to sell for a profit.

Here's How You Can Quickly Catch and Sell Humans for a Profit in Palworld

While there are many uses for captured Humans in Palworld, it's important to think carefully before you engage in this inhumane act. To get more resources in the game, check out how you can get coal in Palworld

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