Palworld Guide: Here’s How You Can Craft a Fluffy Bed for Your Pal


Palworld Guide: Here’s How You Can Craft a Fluffy Bed for Your Pal

Surya Kumar
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Fluffy Pal Beds are essential structures that will effectively regenerate the Health and Sanity of your beloved Pals.
Players must reach Tech Tree level 24 and unlock the recipe for the bed using 2 Tech points.
Once unlocked, you will need 10 Cloth, 30 Wood, 10 Fiber, and 5 Nails to craft the Fluffy Pal Bed.

The diverse creatures grazing the Palpagos Islands are an integral part of the survival-crafting elements present in Palworld. The game weaves realism into the relationship between the player and their beloved Pals, incorporating numerous mechanics to ensure a rich gameplay experience. One such mechanic involves crafting a bed for your buddies to sleep in, promoting their health and sanity. That’s exactly where the Fluffy Pal Bed comes in. Let’s cut to the chase and figure out all the required materials needed to craft this essential item.

How to Build a Fluffy Pal Bed in Palworld?

Unlocking the Fluffy Pal Bed requires you to reach Technology Tree Level 24. This is sad news for players trying to level up their base to accommodate more Pals as they will have to wait until they reach the mid-game stage to do so. Once you reach the required level, you must spend 2 Tech points to gain access to crafting the bed.

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Here are all the materials required for building the Fluffy Pal Bed:

  • X10 Cloth

  • X30 Wood

  • X5 Nails

  • X10 Fiber

Crafting 1 Cloth requires 2 Wool, which can be obtained from shearing Sheep Pals such as Cremis, Lamball, Melpaca, Sweepa, Kingpaca, etc. Wood can easily be picked up by chopping down trees near your base. To make things easier, players can assign the task to a Pal with Lumbering Suitabilities such as Wumpo, Warsect, Bushi, etc. You will need to process the obtained Wood using a Crusher to obtain Fiber. 1 piece of Wood will create 2 quantities of Fiber.

Acquiring Nails is relatively difficult when compared to the rest of the resources, as you will have to process Ingots using workbenches or Production Assembly Lines. Ingots can be made by smelting Ores obtained from copper-like boulders in a Primitive Furnace. 1 Ingot will provide you with 2 quantities of Nails.

Once you’ve gathered all of the aforementioned resources, you simply need to head into the  Build Menu, navigate to the Infrastructure tab, and put down the Fluffy Pal Bed wherever you want. While these beds are certainly more effective than the basic Straw Pal Beds in regenerating your Pal’s health and sanity, you need to know that there is still a higher tier of beds that you can unlock to better accommodate your Pals. These are called Large Pal Beds and players can only unlock them once they reach level 34.

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